Did You Know That Your Toilet Paper Could Be Doing This To You?


By: Krystle Crossman

When you are shopping for toilet paper, how much do you think about the brand that you are buying? Do you go with what you have always gone with because you like the brand or do you just get the cheapest that you can find? Doctors warn patients about going with the cheaper choice as they could be opening themselves up to cuts and infections. Who knew that something so simple could cause such an issue?

Many workplaces and businesses choose to go with the cheapest toilet paper that they can find in order to cut costs on seemingly non-essential products. However this cheap toilet paper could be assaulting your very sensitive skin and you may not realize it. The pulp that the toilet paper is made out of is rough and abrasive. When you are wiping this across some of the most delicate skin on your body you may be getting microcuts on your skin. If the paper is really rough you will notice these cuts as you could be sore down there after using the bathroom or it may sting the next time that you go. While these cuts are so tiny that you cannot see them and are a mild discomfort for just a short period of time they can still be harmful. Any cuts on your body can open you up to an infection but especially cuts in a moist place where bacteria thrives.

Gynecologists recommend that if you have rough toilet paper don’t wipe, dab instead. They say that this will help to minimize the irritation that you may end up feeling. You can also use a bottle with a squirt top on it and fill it with water to make sure that you wash away any traces of toilet paper that is left behind. Some pieces that are left on your skin can cause some irritation as well that you will notice later in the day. When shopping for your bathroom tissue go with the softest that you can within your budget. If that is an issue you can always use unscented baby wipes as well.



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  2. johnnie evans sr. on

    To sum it all up people will wash their face with soap and water and clean our bottom with a dry tissue. Go figure that out……….

  3. Jacquelyn Sneed on

    When purchasing toilet paper we need to consider the health of our plumbing as well. Many brands of soft toilet paper do not break down well enough to prevent clogs from forming in sewer lines. While they may be comfortable, they can result in high plumbing bills. I know from personal experience. Also I would like to add that it is advisable never to flush baby wipes as they too are hazardous to plumbing.

    Also consider your political health as well. Georgia Pacific (Angel Soft, Quilted Northern, Brawny and others) are owned by the Koch brothers who are both major philanthropists and backers of the Tea Party. They have consistently opposed the Obama administration on the environment and on healthcare. A general “googling” of the Koch brothers will reveal many articles on their activities. However, you may want to pay specific attention to a New Yorker article dated August 30, 2010 , a New York Times article dated August 2010 and a Rolling Stone article dated September 2014.

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