Did You Know The Flu Shot Can Put You in Much More Danger Than The Flu?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

It is that time of year again. Everyone is getting sick, the air is getting colder, and the germs are spreading. One of the most common sicknesses spread around this time is the flu. You see signs and ads all over telling you to get the flu shot to prevent yourself from getting the flu. But how safe are these vaccinations? Read on to see why the shot itself may be more dangerous than actually having the flu.

1. The flu shot is a virus. It is injected into to purposely make you sick so that your immune system can adapt to the virus and know how to fight it. It does not make you immune to the flu but merely makes your immune system more sensitive to it.

2. There are ingredients in the shot that you aren’t being told about. Most flu vaccines contain mercury, which has the potential to be toxic to the body.

3. New research has shown evidence that those who get the flu shot increase their chances of getting Alzheimer’s. It is theorized that this is due to the mix of aluminum and mercury in the shot.

4. The people that push the vaccine are making a huge chunk of change off of it. This leads many to question the effectiveness.

5. Studies that have looked at 260,000 children have not yielded any specific evidence that the flu shot is actually beneficial to them. The shot only protects against certain strains of the virus and is ineffective against others.

6. If you already have a weak immune system the shot can make you more susceptible to getting pneumonia and other contagious diseases.

7. Research has shown that the flu shot increases vascular inflammation which can cause jaw pain, pain and stiffness in the joints, muscle pain, and headaches.

8. Any child under a year old is highly susceptible to a break in the blood barrier in the brain that lets neurotoxins like the flu virus in.

9. The risk of contracting narcolepsy after the shot is three times higher in young people than their peers who opt not to get vaccinated.

10. There are thousands of articles in medical journals about how vaccines such as the flu vaccine can actually decrease your immune system’s response time and weaken it.

11. Some of the unwelcome ingredients in the vaccine such as the mercury and formaldehyde have been proven to cause neurological disorders such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome.



  1. Yes this is very true! I got very sick in 2001 after I took the flu shot. I almost died. I were sick for 9 months. I had to see a pulmonary doctor. It’s not good for us! Yes, the healthcare industry is making lots of money. The military makes you take a flu shot and federal government agencies. My last flu shot were in 2001. I feel much better. I couldn’t eat, I got and infection in my eye and its been 12 yrs., and if I get an eye exam the doctor said “did you have an infection in your eye”? I advised that people do not get a flu shot! It made my immune system weaker! It doesn’t make any sense they put a dead virus in you, and you get the flu!

    • Wow… I can’t believe I’m reading this! I too received the flu shot for the first time this year in March, and have suffered a number of ailments ever since. Unfortunately, I didn’t connect the dots at first, but now I am convinced it was this vaccine what has ruined my life. It started with unusual hives and allergic skin reactions, after a couple of months I had a cold which in turn left me with asthma-like symptoms. My doctor diagnosed me with adult onset asthma, and put me on a bunch of medication that are not controlling the symptoms at all. I have been waking up wheezing and short of breath every day for the last 6 months. It wasn’t until I received the second flu shot a month ago that I realized what the problem was. I have now developed chronic rhinitis and just last week I came down with the worst flu I’ve ever had. Before all of this I was a perfectly healthy individual, never needed prescription medication before. I’m scheduled to see a pulmonologist, but like other doctors, I bet he will also deny any connection between the vaccine and my symptoms. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  2. Have been getting flu shots for 20 years but this year, it hit me big-time. An unusually painful site of the injection. And hours later, lasting 3 days, extreme lower jaw pain, making it impossible to chew. Teeth are in great shape and it eventually went away. The fillers or preservatives in these flu shots for H1N1 since 2012 have not been publicly disclosed and are creating more and more risks for people, especially those already suffering from inflammatory diseases. Next year I’m taking my chances without it.

  3. For years I always got a flu shot and did just fine. This year was different, I have jaw pain, swelling, a knot and after two days I went back to my physician and I was put on antibiotics. So far it has taken the swelling down but my jaw is sore and painful. It’s not been a week yet, I’m waiting to see how long it takes to clear up.

    • Woke up the morning following the flu shot with jaw stiffness and mild discomfort. Slight soreness on my throat only on the side of the flu shot. Very strange!

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