Did You Know There Are Downsides to Losing a Lot of Weight and Becoming Healthier?


By: Serena Crawford

Naomi Teeter worked hard to drop 125 pounds and make herself a healthier person. She has been able to maintain that weight loss for over six years now. She says that while it has been amazing transforming herself she learned that there are downsides to losing that much weight which everyone has to go through with a major weight loss:

1. When you go out to dinner with your friends you have to take your time looking over the menu and ordering what is the healthiest for you and is most in line with your current diet. While you are watching calories, fat and carbs, your friends are chowing down on a plate of nachos in front of you. You can indulge every now and then in foods that may not be the best for you. If you don’t you could end up going on a junk food binge.

2. Once you lose a bunch of weight your friends only seem to want to focus on the latest diet trends and healthy lifestyle tips. It is as if you suddenly only have that one thing to talk about and that is what you are all about now.

3. You are under scrutiny more than when you were overweight. When people drop a lot of weight and become healthy they are under constant pressure to stay that way no matter what because now that they have done this amazing thing they feel like they are not allowed to slip up or they will let everyone down. This of course is not true but it feels that way.

4. People will ask you questions all the time about how you dropped the weight and what you are doing now to maintain it. Be ready to have a prepared dialogue at this point.

5. Down the road on your journey to becoming a healthier person you may end up losing touch with some people that were previously in your life. These are most likely people who were a bad influence. You don’t want negativity around when you are trying to focus on the positive in life. People with unhealthy habits are hard to hang around when you are trying to maintain your weight.

6. Catcalling is something that people who are overweight do not hear. Instead they hear insults and judgments. Once the weight comes off you are likely to start receiving a different kind of attention than you are used to and it can be uncomfortable and confusing.

7. Once you have hit a health plateau and you have lost the weight that you are going to lose it is hard to stay motivated to keep it off. You won’t see the pounds come off of the scale and your body will not visibly change as much as it had while you are losing the weight.


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