Did you Know Today Is International Female 0rgasm Day?


download (1)By: Krystle Crossman

Today, August 8th, women in Brazil are celebrating. It is a holiday today in their country and that holiday is Dia Internacional del Orgasm0 Feminino. Yes, in English that reads the International Day of the Female 0rgasm! This holiday is celebrated every year in Brazilian cultures.

While this may be a more risqué holiday for most, many celebrate it hoping that the day will help women to see their $exuality for what it is’ something that should be celebrated. Many women all over the world have never had an 0rgasm and many others have a very hard time reaching it. In the last few decades there have been movements where women try to get other women to see just how pleasurable 0rgasms can be.

The holiday started a long time ago in Brazil with Arimateio Dantas, the Councillor of the people of Esperantina. He decided to reward his wife for some $exual debts that he owed her and created a day dedicated to pleasuring her for a change. The holiday became very popular and was even trending on Twitter yesterday.

The Kinsey Institute of the United States did a study and found a depressing statistic. Only one-third of women in the world have had an 0rgasm from their $exual practices. It is too bad that this statistic is so low because the 0rgasm is actually great for your emotional and physical health.

Some interesting facts about the female “O”:

– Some people can “think” themselves to climax without any use of their hands.
– As you age, your pleasure increases
– An 0rgasm is a natural pain reliever. The endorphins that are released help to dull any pain that the person is feeling.
– Most women need at least 20 minutes during $ex to climax. Men on average only need 7 minutes.



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