Did You Know: Water At Bedtime Can Save Your Heart; Living Near A Highway Can Put It At Risk


glass-of-water1By Staff Blogger

Even if you are a fit and healthy woman, you could still be at risk for cardiovascular disease. Weight, age, and family history are the most common risk factors, but here are five risks you may not be aware of.

1.Living near a highway is an unknown risk factor for heart disease. A 2012 Danish study showed that just hearing traffic can increase your risk. For every 10-decibel increase, your risk for a heart attack increases by 12 percent. If you live near a highway, it is suggested that aside from moving, you can do yoga or meditation to take some stress away.

2.Waking up in the morning is a stressful time for not only yourself, but your heart as well. Stress hormones make their way to your heart so that your blood will get pumping when you wake up so that you can get up out of bed. To make matters worse, you are dehydrated because you have been sleeping. Help your heart by drinking a large glass of water before bed.

3.It’s just another manic Monday. Yes, that’s right, Monday increases your risk for a heart attack. Your wake up stress combined with job stress or depression can increase your risk after a nice long weekend.

4. Losing someone you love. The American Heart Association has done a study that shows that we have changes in our heart rhythms when someone close to us passes away. Essentially, we get a broken heart. These rhythms can increase your heart attack risk. Studies have shown that the heart returns to normal on average after six months.

5. It’s holiday time and dinner’s on the table! Rich foods and fountains of alcohol can be to blame for an increased risk in heart attacks around holiday time. Most of these foods are high fat and high sodium which interrupt normal heart rhythm patterns. Moderate what you eat and try to make healthier choices.



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    I live near the freeway and I find it very relaxing at times, during certain times of the night it sounds like the ocean . Which is a very relaxing sound to me…I sleep like a baby 🙂

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