Did You Know Women Often Wear Red During Ovulation To Attract a Man?


downBy: Krystle Crossman

The color red has many different interpretations to different people. Some people see it as a color of passion, others see it as the color of anger, and some think of it as the color that you don’t want for a car because you are more likely to get pulled over. Recent studies have shown that women tend to wear red to attract men more and that it is often worn during ovulation.

There are different theories to this behavior and why it happens. Some scientific experts say that it has to do with the red flushing of the face after s*x. Others say that it is because men’s animalistic biological influences make them programmed to be enticed by the color red. There is a lot of knowledge out there about color physiology and color physics but there isn’t much out there about color psychology.

A professor at the University of Rochester, Andrew Elliot, and a co-researcher, Daniela Niesta conducted three different studies and asked men opinions on who they were more attracted to when they were shown photos of women. During the first study they showed the men identical photos but one had a white border and one was red. In another they were shown photos with grey, blue, and green. The last experiment changed the women’s’ shirt colors to either red or blue. The men were asked to rate who they found more attractive. They were also asked how much they would spend on a date with each woman if they were given $100. They were willing to spend more on the woman in red each time. As for who they found to be more attractive, and overwhelming number of them found the woman in red more attractive, even though it was the same person.


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