Difference in Frequency of $ex Between Happily Married Women and Unhappily Married Women Will Amaze You


By: Krystle Crossman

Marriage is about love, commitment, communication, and intimacy. S*x shouldn’t be what the marriage is based off of but it is a very important part of the relationship. You need that closeness and passion to remain happy. People who are in happy marriages have been shown to be intimate with their partner an average of 11 times per month as compared to the 3 or 4 times per month for people who are not happy with their relationship. Making time to be with your spouse is one of the most important things that you can do if you are not happy with your marriage. It can bring you closer and help you not only to connect physically but mentally as well.

Author M. Gary Neuman conducted a poll on 400 women who were married and found the above statistics about the frequency of intimacy. He stated that women weren’t rating how happy they were with the quality of the s*x at all, it was about the frequency of it. If you think about it, the more you are with your partner the more you feel like he is still interested in you and only and still finds you attractive. That is something that would make any woman feel happy. On the other hand if you and your spouse are never close you may begin to feel like he is tired of you, is cheating on you, or doesn’t find you attractive anymore. This can lead to feelings of resentment and anger.

Neuman offered up advice to those who are not happy in their marriages and are lacking in the bedroom department. He said that connecting with your partner physically is important but you need to connect with them emotionally first. Sit down and speak with them about how you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. If they have an issue make sure that you listen to their feelings and do not dismiss them. Work together to build better communication with each other so that you are more in tune with your spouse’s feelings and desires. This will go a long way to ensuring that you have not only a happy marriage but a physically close one as well.



  1. True communication is key but having sex 11x a month is not. To suggest that those who have sex 3-4 times a month are unhappy is ridiculous. My husband & I don’t even get that (babies, career etc) however we are very happily married & that’s a fact!

  2. At the end of the day, if a man treats a woman good outside the bed, she will treat him good in the bed. If a woman works all day, comes home takes care of the kids and cooks dinner and cleans the house and he doesn’t help, when she gets in the bed she’s tired and feels unappreciated. On the other hand if he helps she appreciates it and will show her appreciation to him on the bedroom.

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