Divorced Couples Weigh In On Signs They Missed During Marriage


By: Krystle Crossman

When you get married you think it is going to last forever. Through the course of your relationship you may not realize that you may have some habits that could end up destroying everything. Here are some signs that people who have been divorced said that they missed in their marriage:

1. Lack of respect: When your spouse gives you a suggestion or an opinion on something that you may be having an issue with, do not become defensive and dismiss their suggestion as if it doesn’t matter. It is even worse when your friend offers up the same suggestion and you act like it is the smartest idea in the world. That shows a great lack of respect for your spouse.

2. Greetings: When your spouse comes home from work, how do you greet them? Do you offer a smile and a hello or do you immediately begin a fight about bills or how clean the house is? Fighting is necessary in a marriage however fighting all the time the minute you see each other can lead to disaster. Don’t start your time with your spouse with negativity.

3. Missing gatherings: Your spouse may not always want to go to every family BBQ that you go to. Instead of getting mad at them ask them why they don’t want to go. You don’t always have to do everything together but if there is a function that you want them to be at, let them know and let them know why you would like them to go with you.

4. Miscommunication: When you have troubles in your marriage, talk about them with your spouse. If you talk to your friends and family instead your spouse will feel like you don’t think they can handle a mature conversation or that you value your friends’ and family’s opinions more than theirs.

5. Money: Money is always an issue in a marriage but there are things that you can do to make it less of a problem. Let your spouse know when you are buying big ticket items. A budget may be in place that you will be throwing off if you spend a big chunk of money without telling them.



  1. Number six should be “sexual incompatibility.” It is the number one reason married men cheat. If counseling doesn’t help with this issue, many times divorce is imminent.

  2. 7. Make sure that you make time for s*x in your relationship. It is the glue that keeps you bonded and it is not a weapon, but a exchange of positive energy and emotion that must always be in the forefront of your time together.

    8. Appointed times to discuss money/household finances, vacations, dreams, visions, and time to just breathe.

    9. Get counseling immediately if your communication style does not work for either of you anymore.
    This is the first sign of a “rumbling divorce”.

    10. Eat/Share meals together, cook together, wash dishes, do yard-work, go to the gym…
    Do things together to bond and have shared stories.
    These things bond you and build your Lives, together.

  3. I think ‘friendship’ is the key to all other challenges in marriage. If the couple are good friends, they would communicate well and there would be no hard nuts to crack. Friendship is the charm of marriage.

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