Do Contraceptives Really Make Black Women Gain Weight?


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There are many different birth control options for women these days. They can have the pill, the patch, the ring, an IUD, the implant, or a diaphragm. Unfortunately with all but the diaphragm, one of the side effects is weight gain. A new study has found that Black women are more likely to gain weight while on a long-lasting birth control such as the IUD or the implant.

 Research was conducted over a span of a year on women who were on long-lasting birth control with progestin in them. It was found that black women gained an average of four to six pounds over the year as opposed to their white counterparts who either lost weight or gained weight but not as much. Dr. Jeffrey Peipert who worked on the study cautioned that people shouldn’t blame the implant, IUD, or injections for their weight gain.

 Weight gain is a normal part of being on birth control due to the hormones that are running through your body. Stopping and starting birth control because of a few pounds is not good for you either. The study followed 427 women who were part of a larger study on birth control in which they were each given a different contraception method out of the copper IUD, injection, implant, or an IUD that released progestin only.

 The weight gain was different throughout the different types of birth control, but they didn’t differ by much. The methods that caused the most weight gain were the implants or the injections as opposed to the IUDs. They found however that despite the method, black women always seemed to gain more weight. There are so many factors that could lead to this weight gain however that it is hard to pinpoint exactly what is causing it and as to whether race is actually a factor or not.



  1. Lawrence Campbell on

    Do you understand just how many pills it takes to “MAKE” you gain weight?

    Eating too often, too much of the wrong things – too frequently, are the culprits here. These same culprits align themselves with the “failure to exercise menace”, as well as the ” I was never taught to push myself away from destruction button”…or maybe it’s “brother slick talk”, telling you that “Bovine=fine”. Take responsibility for Your Mind/Body/Thoughts, or get with people who care enough to tell you the truth.

  2. It’s because they give black women higher mg of birth control. That’s not the only thing that is color coded. When you go to get certain tests they have to preset the machine and most of the time technicians aren’t even aware all they know us this is the preset they press. They teach you in school. This is why I have issues with studies because they don’t represent everyone just a section and most specifically a local area but they put it out there and it affects everyone.

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