Do Those Who Look For Love Online Become Less Racist?


By: Krystle Crossman

Online dating has its benefits such as finding someone new and reducing the awkwardness of finding things to talk about on a first date. Now studies show that there may be a new benefit to online dating.

A sociologist from the University of California San Diego did a study on over 126,000 users on The only thing that he looked at was the first message that was sent to the user and the first reply that they sent back to that person. They also only looked at straight couples so that the research could match up with past studies and looked at the five largest races on the site; Hispanic/Latino, Indian, Black, Asian, and White.

Since the allowance of interracial marriages more and more have popped up. However there are still a greater number of people who only marry their own race. They may feel that there is still a stigma and they will be discriminated against for marrying outside of their race. The study found that it was easier for people to meet someone of a different race online because they weren’t constrained by their geographical settings. Some people live in a place where they don’t have other races around to interact with.

They noticed that people were more willing to respond to someone of a different race when they were online, especially if they were someone who normally would not reach out to a difference culture. This could pave the way for more and more interracial interactions as time goes on. This is one of the best parts of online dating is that you can feel more free to push your normal boundaries and take control of your life.


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