Do You Believe These Myths About Women and Sexx


white nitieBy Staff Blogger

There are so many myths about what women want and desire that it makes it hard for them to be able to express their desires. It makes them feel self-conscious that they are either not going to live up to certain myths or will be perceived as too “wild”. Here are five myths about a woman’s s*xual desire.

1. Myth One – Women have a lower s*x drive than men. This is not true at all. Women have just the same amount of drive as men do. This has been found in multiple studies, not just one.

2. Myth Two – First comes desire, then comes ar0usal, then comes the 0rgasm. Desire can happen at any stage. Ar0usal can come first, and then desire, and then finally (and hopefully) the 0rgasm. There are several linear models that align these three traits differently.

3. Myth Three – 43% of women suffer from a s*xual dysfunction. There was a study that was conducted in 1999 by Laumann and colleagues that stated that 43% of women suffer from some type of dysfunction. It was simply based on yes/no responses when asked if there was a problem when they were in bed. There was no context given in the answers so different circumstances were not taken into consideration.

4. Myth Four – Women with high desires are nowhere to be found. A study was conducted on 932 women and the results of the study showed that 52% of the women could be classified as “highly s*xual.”

5. Myth Five – Women and men are very different when it comes to s*xual desire. During preliminary research it was found that women are just as varied in their desires as men are.



  1. There must have be "0" black women in these studies. I have white friends who have expressed to me how they envy the black woman's comfort and ability to express their sexuality openly and appropriately. Black women and Spanish women are very sexual beings. With that said I don't think the myths EVER applied to us.

  2. William H Leonard on

    I am incline to believe they are still performing these studies and leaving out our black sisters.

  3. Roscoe Robinson Sr. on

    With all these WHORES runnin around nowadays, they should've BEEN Trashed those "Myths" Long Ago!

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