Do You Have a Healthy Relationship With Food?


By: Krystle Crossman

Your relationship with food can be a tricky thing. If you think about it too much you will end up being obsessed with only that. If you let it rule your life you may make yourself unhealthy. If you have a good relationship with food however you can be as healthy and happy as ever. Here are some traits that people who have healthy food relationships have:

1. Keeping food in the house that you know will trigger a binge it is best not to keep that food in the house. Any diet busters need to go!

2. Be mindful of how you are eating. Listen to the cues that your body is giving you about being hungry or full. If you catch these cues you can stop yourself from eating more than you should.

3. Top priorities through the day are not be about food. You shouldn’t always be thinking about food, day and night, allowing it to interrupt your daily life.

4. Afraid of the scale? If you have a good relationship with food you shouldn’t be. People who aren’t afraid of the scale eat what makes them happy but also what is healthy for their body.

5. No foods are forbidden but everything is eaten in moderation.

6. When they are full, they stop eating. They do not continue to eat until they are “stuffed”.

7. They only eat when they are truly hungry. There are emotional eaters and there are those that eat when they are bored. If you have a good relationship with food you only eat when you are actually hungry.

8. They aren’t afraid to feel hungry.

9. If they are going indulge in one meal they will go light on the next instead of doing a crazy workout at the gym to compensate.

10. They have their timing down. If they know that they will be eating a food that is easy to eat more than your share of they will eat when they are not hungry enough to eat a full meal.

11. They eat breakfast. Those who eat breakfast regularly have lower cholesterol and more energy through the day.

12. They know the difference between foods that are a treat and foods that are a snack.

13. They portion their foods out before they sit down to eat instead of having the whole bag.

14. They let themselves enjoy the food that they are eating.


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  1. Most African-American’s not only don’t have an healthy relationship with food but haven’t been taught or demonstrated how to properly eat. Don’t comprehend the difference from wanting to eat & hunger & after late night eating until 1,2 or 3Am still feel the need for “Breakfast”. Also the feeling of being “stuffed” is equated to being full or sedated with food & somehow an cultural tradition & high cholesterol & calorie & saturated fat foods don’t count during; holidays, family gatherings,celebrations & funerals. Soul Food & Fast Food kill more African-American’s than any weapons combined annually

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