Do You Have Adult ADD?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Do you feel like you lack focus during the day? Do you have a hard time concentrating on important tasks? If you feel like you just can’t stop moving around through the day and cannot stay focused on one thing for more than a few minutes you may want to get checked out by your doctor for adult ADD.

There is no actual evidence of what causes adult ADD. It is sometimes blamed on television, sugar intake, or problems within the home. Usually when someone is diagnosed with ADD they have a family member who also has it. There is no set-in-stone reason as to why an adult would develop ADD.

There are three different types of ADD that are found in adults. There is hyperactive-impulsive, inattentiveness, and a combination of the two. If you have hyperactive-impulsive ADD you will constantly be moving or shaking limbs when sitting. You will also make quick and impulsive decisions without really thinking of the long-term consequences, such as buying an expensive car when you already have a car that works. Those who are diagnosed with inattentiveness cannot concentrate on one thing for very long. They also have trouble finishing tasks or following directions to start the tasks in the first place.

There are no specific tests to diagnose ADD. The doctors will look at the different symptoms that you are experiencing. Most of the time people who have ADD go undiagnosed because they just feel like they can’t get anything done; they don’t feel that there is anything physically wrong with them.

Treatments for adult ADD include therapy and medication. Medication is something that should be researched carefully and you should have a long conversation with your doctor before deciding on meds. Treatment should be sought however because the effects of ADD in adults can lead to relationship problems and work problems.



  1. I was advised by my pastor a few years ago to see a therapist he trusted. I met with her a few times, and she pretty much felt that I suffered from low self worth. However, just today, I was going through my bills and records and found the receipt for services, and she marked the box for ADHD. I didn’t notice it before because I only paid attention to the price — reading this article makes me think she wasn’t off base at all. I attributed my inattentiveness to age but sometimes I feel like i wish I had a fast forward button sometimes. Ironically, my sister complains that I take a long time to get to the point in a conversation. go figure..

  2. It has been my experience that most ADD adults had ADHD as children, and never received a proper diagnosis, or the help they needed.

    You know how black folk can be: “ain’t nutting wrong wid my chile…” And in the end, it only hurts the child who grows into an adult, who is often criticized for “not being able to get it together.” And that criticism generally comes from the people who would not recognize the problem in the first place, who had the power to help.

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