Do You Have Iron Deficiency? Here Are The Signs


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Around 9% of women are iron deficient. Many don’t know that they don’t have enough iron in their system. Here are 10 different ways that you can tell that you are iron deficient:

1. Pale skin – If your skin tends to lack any redness you may have decreased blood flow which can be caused by iron deficiency.

2. Beeturia – This is a condition when your pee turns red or bright pink after eating beets. People who are more iron deficient have a tendency to soak up different pigments more so than those who have plenty of iron.

3. Sore muscles – If you are overly sore after a workout, you may be suffering from lack of Iron. Iron is used by the body to make your muscles stronger and to give them a faster recovery period.

4. Fatigue – When you have low iron you also have low energy. Iron is used in the body to make hemoglobin which is part of the process of the blood carrying oxygen through the body. Lack of iron will make you tired.

5. Shortness of Breath – When you have low oxygen levels in your blood, you will experience shortness of breath because your body is not getting all of the oxygen it needs.

6. Focus Issues – You may notice that you are having trouble focusing on things. This could be because the synthesis of the neurotransmitters is disrupted.

7. Apathy – This goes hand in hand with focus issues because it is dependent on your neurotransmitters.

8. Frequent Illness – Do you find that you get sick easily and it doesn’t go away? You may be iron deficient.

9. Working Out – If you notice that you are not able to finish the workout routines that you usually do, you might not have the iron levels that your body needs.

10. Nails – Finally, if you notice that your nails are brittle and have moon shaped curves on them, this may be because you are iron deficient.


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