Do You Judge & Criticize Others Or Do They Do It To You?


bossy womanBy Staff Blogger

Managing your life can sometimes be difficult. The balance between work and home has a very thin line and some often find it hard to know where that line is. Everyone is different; some people can work fifty hours or more per week and still find time to for their family and friends. Others work twenty hours and feel stressed. It is all about how people judge themselves and their ability, and how they feel others are judging them. It’s all a state of mind really and the internal dialogue..

If you are one who feels stressed , guilty and often criticize yourself, it’s time for a change in mindset. Let’s call it  “work-life brilliance.” This is all about giving yourself the right to choose how your life goes, getting back up after a setback, and practicing routines that make your  life a little easier. If you would like this practice to work for you, take a look at these three points, you may need to alter one or all of them to achieve success.

Guilt – Do you apologize a lot? Say sorry for things that you shouldn’t be sorry for? You may have unrealistic expectations of what you can do. Set a goal for what you can do in a set amount of time, don’t try to do everything.

Pride – Do you tend to be judgmental of others? You may have unrealistic expectations of others. Take a step back and look at what you expect out of those you work with or those at home, and really judge whether your expectations are truly attainable. You may need to lower your expectations. This way, you will not be stressed when your high are not met.

Fear – Do you often lie or leave key information out because you are afraid of how others are judging you? You may have the unrealistic expectation that you should please everyone. This is not possible in the real world, so tell the truth! Do the best that you can do, and if they are critical of it, that is just how it is. Maybe you need a change in jobs or friends; find arrangements that are mutually beneficial.


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