Do You Know What You Smell and Taste Like “down there”?


By: Isabella Carson

Have you ever wondered why things smell like they do “down there”? There is a natural chemistry that happens inside your body that you may not be fully aware of that creates smells and tastes. It is often said that things can smell “fishy” but it is really nothing more than a normal body odor. Women are often very self-conscious about their various odors down there because of all of the shaming that has gone on for ages. Many women are worried about the taste for their partner as well. What if we said that there was a way to control the way you tasted down there?

There is a bacteria in your [email protected] that helps to balance out the pH and keep everything regular. The bacteria wards off infections because it is healthy bacteria. It is what helps to keep yeast infections at bay. The pH and the bacteria is where the smell comes from. Men are naturally attracted to it because of their hormones. When something doesn’t smell right it could mean that you have a bacterial infection and should be checked out by a doctor.

Taste depends on what is going on with your body at the time. It depends on your diet, your sweat, and whether you are secreting any fluids at the time (for example when you are aroused). The taste has been described as slightly sour but that is because of the acidity down there. This is normal. If your pH levels are higher than normal there will be more acidity and there will be a metallic smell or taste. It all depends on the woman. There are some things that you do that can change the taste down there. One of those things is smoking. If you smoke the chemicals enter your bloodstream and that can change the taste of things. Drinking alcohol can also mess with the pH balance and cause a very unpleasant taste.

Anything that you ingest that contains a high amount of alkaloids will throw things off and make things taste unpleasant down there for your partner. Some of these foods include broccoli, spices, red meat, and dairy. If you are planning a special night with your partner it is best to eat light and stay away from foods that are really acidic or really high in alkaloids.


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