Do You Know Your Skin Type & How To Care For It?


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Skin is the largest organ on your body. It protects your other organs from harm. There are different types of skin: Oily, dry, normal, and combination. Once you can tell what skin type you are, you can better figure out how to treat it. Your skin type can change however depending on aging and your health.

Normal skin will have even color tones. The pores will be small, and the skin will have the right amount of moisture. There will be no shine on the face, no acne, and no peeling skin. Maintaining good skin is easy, but you need to always make sure that you are wearing sunscreen when you are outside. SPF 30 is the lowest recommended SPF.

Oily skin is when there is an excess of oil on the skin. People with oily skin usually feel the need to wash their face multiple times per day. Oily skin can be genetic, but can also be due to excess hormones, such as during puberty. Someone who has oily skin generally does not need moisturizer, but they still need to wear sunscreen. The oil-free sunscreens are the best since they will not cause even more oil to build up on the face.

Dry skin is characterized by the feeling of tightness on the face due to a lack of moisture or oil. Flaky skin is not always a sign of dry skin, but it could appear. Sometimes skin being too dry and itchy can lead to a condition called eczema. Dry skin can be caused by certain medical treatments or hormonal changes. Treatments include moisturizing and washing the face with pure soap or soap that has a lotion in it.

Combination skin is dry and oily skin at the same time. Usually people with combination skin have oily skin in their T-Zone (forehead, nose, chin) and have dry skin on their cheeks. Combination skin can be caused by genetics and hormonal changes. Treatment is tricky due to the different skin types. Mild cleansers and moisturizers should be used on the cheeks and anti-acne meds on the T-Zone.



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    It is quite interesting to see how you should treat different skin types differently. Some people may also be combination skin types. For instance, your face may be oily while your hands may be dry skin type. You will need to treat different areas of your body differently if they are different skin types. I use this infographic as my rule of reference. ***

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