Do You Make These Common Mistakes When Dealing With Emotions?


By: Isabella Carson

Emotions are a tricky thing. Some people deal with them by expressing them while others lock them away because they don’t want to seem weak or vulnerable. There are common mistakes that we all make when it comes to our emotions that can actually make things a lot worse than they already are. Here are some of those mistakes:

1. When you are angry, let it out. Don’t hold in your anger. The emotion will end up coming out at some point but if you keep all of the anger in until you can’t hold it all in anymore you could end up making things so much worse. Express your anger when you are feeling it so that you can deal with the feelings and then begin to heal right away. When you bottle everything up until you explode you will have a much harder time recovering because you may end up saying or doing something that you regret later on.

2. Jealousy is a feeling that many of us have at one time or another. You may look at someone else’s life and feel jealous that they have the things that you want but do not have. Instead of putting yourself down and comparing your life with someone else’s think about what they have done differently to get there and learn from that. You can also think about the things that you have that they may not. Comparing yourself to other people will never get you very far because we are all so different and have different ways of living our lives. Instead learn from others and be proud of your accomplishments. Push those negative and jealous thoughts away.

3. Don’t use the word, “fine”. This is a blanket statement that so many use when they have a lot to say but don’t want to express their feelings. Every now and then when someone asks how you are try to tell them exactly how you are feeling. It will feel good to be able to talk to someone about it instead of just keeping everything in. Let them know if you are happy, sad, or angry about something. They asked how you are because they are interested in hearing what you have to say. Often when you say that you are fine they may feel like you don’t want them to know how you are feeling or that you don’t respect them enough to tell them what is going on with your life.


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