Do You Overlook These Six Things That Could Make Your Life a Lot Healthier?


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

There are little things that you could be doing every day that could make a huge change for the better in your life and health. We may overlook these things because they don’t seem important or take the back burner to everything else going on in our busy lives. Try making these small changes and in no-time you will see a difference!

1. Drink your water! Bring it with you wherever you go. If you stay hydrated while you are out and about you are less likely to grab a sugary soda to quench your thirst. This helps you to aid in digestion, improves skin tone, flushes toxins, and carries nutrients through the body.

2. Don’t eat anything at least 2 hours before you go to bed. Your body’s metabolism slows down at night. If you eat something you will not be able to burn off the calories. Holding off on food can help you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

3. Get your 8 hours of sleep. You need sleep to help your body keep its leptin levels where they should be. Leptin is what keeps you feeling full after you have eaten. Even if you can get 7 hours a night you are still helping your body to regulate your metabolism and sugar levels. This will help to regulate your weight.

4. Get a buddy. Working out is more fun with a buddy. You will also feel more obligated to do a workout or work just as hard as they do while exercising.

5. Exercise regularly. Make a plan as to when you are going to exercise and make a schedule. Make sure that you stick to that schedule. Exercising helps your body in so many ways, it is a wonder that so many people choose to remain inactive.

6. Retail therapy is often overlooked but is great for your overall wellbeing. This isn’t an offer to go out and blow your life savings on a new luxury car, but you should at least go to the store and buy yourself a little something for all the hard work you do. Try to splurge on things that will help you to stay active such as new workout clothes or that new pair of sneakers you have been dying to get.



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