Do You Put Your Phone In Your Bra? Here’s Why You Must Stop Right Away


By: Krystle Crossman

When you go out you may not always want to carry a bulky purse with you. Even a small wrist-let can be annoying. So what is the solution? Stick your cell phone in your bra of course! This is a habit that many women practice but should stop immediately. This is one growing trend that is a secret danger.

John West is a cancer surgeon. He is urging women to stop carrying cellphones in their bras as it leads to a much higher risk of developing [email protected] cancer. There have been women that have developed tumors in their [email protected] and the tumors sit right where their phones go in their bras. The bra is made for holding [email protected], not household items.

The radiation that comes from cellphones, even when they are not in use, can cause tissue in the [email protected] to mutate and turn into a tumor. From there every time radiation is near that tumor, it is like you are feeding it, and it grows bigger and bigger. One woman was 21 years old and she carried her cellphone in her bra at least 12 hours a day because it was so convenient. She then noticed that she had a lump. Once she found out it was cancer she had to have a mastectomy. There is no history of cancer in her family, she is otherwise healthy, and has no other pre-dispositions to developing cancer. This is why she believes that it was the cell phone that caused it.

Although there are no studies yet that specifically link cellphones in the bra to cancer, the radiation that comes from the phone would be just enough if it were there long enough.



  1. i have a master’s degree and i am by no means ‘ tacky & ghetto’ and i do this with my cell ALL OF THE TIME. thanks 4 this article. i will be making a change in my habit, asap!

  2. It cracks me up that this website censors words like breasts, and sex… Is this a children’s website??? It’s very childish and fake… How and why do an article about breast cancer and and not be comfortable spelling the word… It’s not a sexual word either. So why censor it? How does the author of this article say the word out loud when they are having a conversation…. I think this site tries way to hard to prove something, and it’s rediculous

  3. People always want to put a label on things, I have seen people from all social classes do this, it doesn’t matter what type of degree you have or how one stereotypes the image, thanks for the warning….

    • Its called contemporary colloquial speech & don’t know & most importantly don’t care, question is why do you ?

    • On the South Side of Chicago, when your in the grocery store with your child & witness someone reaching into their undergarments for their money or phone, we call it “Ghetto”, feel free to call it whatever you darn well please, He is right on Mark

  4. So what’s the difference from an 80 year old granny pulling her pocket book from her bra back in the day? Was she too ghetto?

    • Country & Ghetto, my 82 year old Grand Mother still doesn’t walk out of the house without a Hat on & taught my Mother to carry herself as a lady at all times under all conditions who then taught me as did our Sorority, obviously no one taught you

  5. Tanya there are segments of our culture that not only doesn’t abide by the greater socially’s rules of proper etiquette, they oppose it. I’ve had debates with other “Black Folks” arguing that; that lying, stealing, cheating even murder can be justified under “proper situations”, nevertheless walking into public facilities with your boxer shorts showing, with women & children present, they just don’t care about anyone past their own nose

  6. Tanya, I am not a women. I walk around with my pants up & buckled! I am a professional as well and know how to carry myself in public. Why are you getting angry over a discussion? We’re all grown here!
    It is also apparent to me that you two can’t see past your own noses. Stereotypes vs the truth are one thing. Being stuck in a negative mind is something totally different. I hope you both are not suck in that place all your lives.

    • If you were a professional you would understand that etiquette is observed on & off the job & there are obvious & distinct different socioeconomic cultures in the African-American community, that extended back generations & we don’t necessarily blend. Specifically you that condone uncouth behavior

  7. I never said I condone the behavior, my initial question was why couldn’t the the word unappealing be used instead! In the morning when I wake, this will all be in the past. Relax its just conversation!

  8. Can we have a discussion without starting to point fingers at one another, its o.k. To agree to disagree..this is the point of the topic: STOP PUTTING CELLPHONES IN YA DAMN BRA, IT MAY BE WHAT’S CAUSING CANCER…..NOW, YOU CAN’T ARGUE BOUT DAT, AND IT DIDN’T TAKE ME SAYING IF I HAD A DEGREE OR NOT….THAT DAMN SIMPLE…EDUCATE YOUR MINDS NOT YOU’RE DAMN EGOS….HAVE A NICE DAY…..

  9. I’ve certainly done this in the past while housecleaning or working out. I appreciate the article and will change this behaviot!

  10. Not smart to put your cell phone in your bra. Cell phone are the dirtiest item that we carry on us. Definitely will never put it in my bra.

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