Do You Wax? It Can Lead To [email protected] Warts & Other Viruses


waxingBy Staff Blogger

Beauty is pain. Let’s face it ladies, there is no pain quite like waxing the hair from your bodies, especially the hair from that oh so sensitive place below! Bikini waxing is extremely popular and extremely painful. With the warmer weather coming bathing suits will be back in fashion, which means it is time for that trip to the spa.

Some people opt to go a little farther than a bikini wax and will go for a Brazilian. This is when they wax everything down there. Nothing is left by the time you are done; no nerves, no hair. There have been jokes that women getting a Brazilian wax are the reason that pubic lice seems to be almost extinct. There are some risks with all of this waxing however.

The less hair that you have, the higher chance you have of contracting [email protected] warts. When you have your girly parts waxed it causes “micro-trauma” on the skin. These small traumas cause your skin to be more susceptible to the pox virus called Molluscum which is the term for water warts. It is commonly found on children because it is easily spread through skin contact. Recent research is showing that is can also be contracted s*xually. Research was done at a private skin clinic and it showed that of the 30 cases of water warts, only two did not engage in private part grooming.

Also in the survey of the 30 cases, 24 were men. While waxing is not the direct cause of these warts, the irritation to the skin makes it more likely that you will contract them. This applies for men as well. Those who like to do a little “manscaping” need to be wary of how much they groom.


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