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As you improve your diet and try to speed up your metabolism, do you ever wonder if it is all just hearsay and that there actually aren’t any foods that can help you increase the fat and calories you burn? Dr. Mike Roussell aka the Diet Doctor, has the answer for you.

Dr. Roussell says that the claim that there are fat-burning foods is mostly incorrect, but there are a few foods that will change the physical environment in your body during digestion. Broccoli is an example of this type of food. It is made up of carbs that are slow to digest, along with fiber and even has phytochemicals that help to get rid of excess estrogen. It is a low calorie food, but takes longer to process. This can help to make weight loss more efficient.

There are some foods however that can help to increase your fat-burning and calorie-burning potential just by eating them. These include:

– EGCG: This is an antioxidant that is found in green tea. When combined with caffeine it boosts weight loss and burns fat.

– Hot peppers: These peppers include the antioxidant capsaicin which is a fat burning machine, however you have to take it in a supplement in order to get the full benefits of it.

Monosaturated fats are foods that help to burn calories according to a new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Foods that have monosaturated fats that are good for you are:

-Olive oil
-Macadamia nuts

A previous study that had been published by the “Diet Doctor” showed that patients burned more fat when they cut out saturated fats and added more monosaturated fats to their diets.


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