Does Hillary Clinton Owe Black People a Thank You?


By Victor Trammell

Now that the Republican and Democratic national conventions are over, what’s next? The presidential election of 2016 has created a huge discussion on a tidal wave of issues involving racism, gender inequality, and the wealth inequities present in our nation based on socioeconomic class.

Ebony Magazine  summed up our nation’s current political situation very well with a blessing of an article published online this past week called Hillary Clinton Owes These Black Women a Huge Thank YouEbony Magazine says Clinton owes black women a great big thank you.

However, is saying that Hillary Clinton owes the whole black race a great big thank you. Here are a few reasons why. First off all, look at Tim Kaine, Clinton’s VP pick. Kaine is a junior U.S. Senator representing the state of Virginia.

Senator Kaine and his wife Anne have attended St. Elizabeth’s Roman Catholic Church, a poor, predominantly black church in a working-class neighborhood in Richmond, VA for over 30 years.

“Anne found it in the summer of 1984. We were married here in November of 1984, and this and our neighborhood are really the center of our lives here. So we needed some prayers today, and we got some prayers, and we got some support and it really feels good,” Kaine told NBC News in an interview after he was picked as Clinton’s running mate.

Hillary Clinton also had her way paved by Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to ever run for president in 1972.

“While many are ambivalent about what this election will mean for us, Black women carried Clinton to victory all across America. But far too often our foremothers, who have fought and bled and toiled, have been ignored,” wrote Britini Danielle, a columnist for Ebony Magazine.

While endorsing Hillary Clinton for America’s next president, black voters everywhere must hold her to the humility she has promised to provide to us on the campaign trail. Black people must understand that this is the very same woman who clandestinely advocated the mass incarceration of black men for non-violent drug crimes during the presidency of her husband Bill Clinton.

We want to tell this to any black man or woman out there supporting Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential run; please keep her honest about what she owes your people. Don’t get so seduced by her or her husband’s pandering to the black youth or hip-hop culture that you’re duped into thinking that you owe the Clintons anything. Don’t forget the moral debt they’ve incurred against your people over the course of their entire political careers.







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