Does Yoga With No Clothes Help With Body Image Issues?


By: Krystle Crossman

When you are in a yoga class, how self-conscious are you? You are wearing tight clothes and placing yourself in awkward positions in a classroom full of strangers. Who wouldn’t be self-conscious? Now there is a new class in NYC that is made to help people get over their body image anxiety in a strange way. Imagine doing yoga in a room full of strangers but you are completely naked. That is what is happening at the Bold & Naked Studio in Chelsea, NY.

The class is not meant to be a s*xual thing. It is about teaching people to accept their bodies as they are and not be afraid to show them off to others. When people think about being naked they think about s*x but this class is trying to get people out of that mindset. One person who attends the classes says there is no pressure over what brand of yoga clothes you are wearing and how you are wearing them compared to the others. They said it is like they are in a room with people who are all the same.

Bold & Naked offers the naked co-ed yoga class for $25 as well as a gender segregated class as well. They also offer fully clothed yoga classes. They do not allow photography or videotaping in the studio and all of the students must sign a liability waiver before they can participate in the class. The students are told that an instructor may come over and make body to body contact to correct a position that they are in, but if anything were to be made into a s*xual gesture there would be action taken. Anyone that is kicked out of the studio once is not allowed back into classes. They also make it very clear that this is not a peep show.



  1. ClassyGlobal on

    Awesome idea. Beside being a membership booster (money maker) I really think that for those who do have body image issues this would be of help.

    I do think the author should have said MOST people think of s3x when nudity is mention. I for one don’t automatically assume NUDITY = S3X. IJS

    I want one in NC 😉

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