Does Your Man Do Any of These Mood-killing Moves?


By: Krystle Crossman

Have you ever had one of those nights where you are all ready to go for a romp in the sack with your partner but then he does something that just kills the mood? This is a common occurrence. There are some things that many men do that they think women like but the reality is that it kills the mood pretty quickly. If your man does any of these things and you don’t like it, speak up or he will keep doing it.

1. Getting up to go pee: When she is halfway to the point of no return and you suddenly stop to go to the bathroom, it can be a buzzkill. Pee before you engage in any fun activities guys!

2. Groping: Men, most women really do not like it when you squeeze their chest as hard as you possibly can. It hurts and does not turn women on.

3. Whining: When men don’t get their way they will sometimes whine. If you tell them that you are not in the mood and they whine about it, it is a pretty good chance that any mood that may have possibly been there is now dead and buried.

4. Dry h*mping: Most women do not find this public display of excitement intriguing. They do not want people seeing you go to town on their hip. Save it for the bedroom.

5. Crushing: Men, try to remember that most of you have bigger frames that your women do and when you rest your whole body on top of her, it becomes hard to breathe and is a huge mood killer.

6. Gas: Everyone gets gas. Women understand that. No matter whether it is your fault or not, when you let one go, the mood goes with it.

7. Asking for it: When a man is timid about what he wants and quietly asks for s*x it is less than appealing.

8. Early eruptions: After f0replay most women are ready to go. The problem is that men are too as well and find it harder to hold everything back. Mood effectively lost.


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