Does Your Man Have a Wandering Eye? There May Be a Scientific Reason Why


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

You know how you are out with your significant other and you are thinking that things are going really well but then you all of a sudden catch him staring at another woman? It makes you angry right? How could he be on a date with you but staring at someone else? How inappropriate! What you may not know is that there is possibly a scientific reason for this.

When men are checking out other women, it doesn’t mean that they are not into you anymore and want to leave. You can’t say that you have never checked out another guy since you have been with them – can you?

Quick glances and double takes are a part of human nature. There is no rule that when you are in a relationship with someone, glancing at another person is off limits. What is off limits is trying to pick them up or making that glance turn into a lingering stare.

Duke University researchers conducted a study on this and suggested that we are biologically designed to stare at people that we deem to be powerful and attractive. The study was conducted on male rhesus monkeys. They were given a squirt of juice every time that they looked at a photo of a female monkey. They were given even more juice when they looked at the lower-ranking monkeys in the photos, but that did not make them veer from checking out the monkeys that were the alphas. Robert Deaner, PhD says that what we can learn from this study is that we tend to be attracted to others who are in a position of power or who we find to be incredibly s*xy. It is all a part of natural selection at its finest.

Can you deal with him looking at other women as long as it’s not a lasting gaze? If you can it shows trust and respect in the relationship. If it gets to a point however where it is happening far too often and you are becoming irritated, talk to him about it. Try to find out why he is looking at other women. Talking is better than yelling, accusing, or leaving.



  1. Men will “glare” @ things they find attractive has no more significant’s than that & not just women, tools & cars also just because a man stares at a semi truck doesn’t means he wants to drive it or become a truck driver

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