Does Your Man Satisfy You in Bed? Here are Some Things That Affect Your Satisfaction


By: Krystle Crossman

Let’s be honest here, are you really satisfied with your s*x life? If you have answered no to this, here are 12 reasons why this may be:

1. Relationship status: There is a difference between having s*x with someone for a fling and being with someone in a relationship. Being single may not be as satisfying because there is no real intimacy or emotions involved.

2. P0rn: Studies have shown that people who watch too much p0rn tend to be not quite as satisfied as those who do not. They begin to assess their partner’s appearance and performance and compare them to what they see in adult films.

3. Age: There have been studies that have shown that as you get older your s*x drive decreases and your level of satisfaction declines as well. It is all a natural part of the aging process. There are other studies however that tell another story and show that older men are satisfied well past 65.

4. Communication: People who are more honest and open about what they want in bed are more satisfied than those who keep quiet about what they really want.

5. Rewards: There are costs and there are rewards in a relationship. The costs are things that hurt or make you generally upset. The rewards are the little things in a relationship that make you feel loved and happy. When the rewards outweigh the costs you are more likely to have a high satisfaction level.

6. Guilt: The more liberal you are about s*x, the more satisfied you are. The more guilt you feel for what you are doing, the less satisfied you are.

7. Health: The healthier you are the more satisfied you will be.

8. Stress: When you are stressed it is hard to be satisfied because you have so much else on your mind.

9. Self-esteem: When you do not feel confident in yourself you are less likely to be satisfied in bed because you don’t think that you are good enough.

10. Excitement: If you have an exciting s*x life you are obviously going to be very satisfied. Think about trying positions outside of the missionary position, spice things up.

11. S*xual abuse: If you have been s*xually abused before you are probably cautious about jumping into bed with someone and feel overwhelmed at times which does not lead to a satisfying experience.

12. Socioeconomic standing: Studies have shown that upper class people tend to be more satisfied than those in lower classes.



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