Donald Trump Has Just Started Following These Two Black Women On Twitter


By Victor Trammell

President Donald Trump has been known to cause both outrage and admiration for his Twitter activity. This was the case when Trump was campaigning for president and it’s remained the case since he’s been sworn in.

His latest act on the wacky world of Twitter caused a bit of confusion after he started following two specific people that most wouldn’t expect someone with his controversial reputation to be interested in. According to Refinery 29, Trump just recently started following a pair of black biological sisters who got their claim to fame a while back.

The two women go by the names Diamond and Silk. They became known to the world by being sideshow stage props during Trump’s circus of a presidential campaign. In a Refinery 29 blog post, which was published this past Wednesday (February 1st), entertainment writer Sesali Bowen wrote the following about this bizarre story:

“If history is to be believed, Diamond and Silk are a caricature. They’re an on-brand minstrel show for the same Trump supporters who would probably vote not to convict the cops who could very well murder one of their relatives in the streets. For Trump, their implicit performance of tell-it-like-it-is Blackness can be strategically leveraged as self-affirmation. It’s Trump’s painfully awkward way of saying: ‘See. Real recognize real.'”(

Diamond and Silk’s real names are Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson. They started uploading videos on their YouTube channel supporting Trump in July of 2015. The sisters have gone viral since they began their  internet cooning antics as two of Trump’s most unlikely supporters.

Despite being a part of the small black female minority in America that supports Trump, Diamond and Silk’s YouTube channel remains pretty popular. Their over-the-top videos have gotten millions of views since this wild and disastrous internet sister act got started.

They  can be followed on Twitter by clicking here.





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