Don’t Believe it: What Men Say To Trick You Out Of Using Condoms


condoms1By Staff Blogger

Researchers from the University of Washington took a poll of 313 men on their $exual behavior, including their use of c0nd0ms or lack thereof. An astonishing 80% said that they will use excuses to avoid using a c0nd0m and not only that, will use several different ones over the years. Here are the five most common excuses that men will give to avoid having to use a c0nd0m during $ex.

1. “Don’t worry, I am clean” – 73.7% of men feel that if they have a clean bill of health on the STD front than they should have the all clear not to use protection. However, STDs can be asymptomatic and may not always be visible. There is also the problem of preventing pregnancy. Warn him about the chances of getting pregnant and open the c0nd0m before he can argue with you.

2. “I can’t wait, let’s just do it” – It doesn’t take that long to put  protection on. 73.2% of men think that a little sweet talk is enough to get you to give in and let them fly free. Keep a few spares in your purse or within easy access near your bed so that he can’t use the excuse that there is no time.

3. “It feels so much better without it” – A little over 50% of men say they have tried this excuse. Some women have an easier time with climax when they don’t have to worry about pregnancy or STDs. There are a variety of c0nd0ms that enhance pleasure as well.

4. “Can I not wear a c0nd0m?” – Some men will come right out and ask without an actual excuse. Make sure he knows, no  protection = no $ex.

5. “What, you don’t trust me?” – More than 34% of men have tried this jerk move. Explain to him that it has nothing to do with him but you would like to protect yourself just in case.



  1. Jahmal Binns on

    Yes. I have said some of these (#1, #3, and #5) 2 females and it works all the time, especially #3.

  2. Women protect yourself , I am glad I am negitive because I tell someone I love myself and I have one body and I want to keep it, If you do not want to protect yourself that is you not me.

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