Don’t Believe These Myths About $ex


By: Krystle Crossman

We hear rumors and stories from people every day and there is so much information on the internet that leads us in the wrong direction when it comes to facts about our s*xual health. Here are five myths that we may believe and the truth about them.

1. Men can only climax one time: Wrong! It is possible for men to have multiple [email protected] The pubococcygeal muscle can be conditioned to control [email protected] and actually stop it even though the guy is having an [email protected] to allow him to continue having s*x.

2. Double wrapping is the best way to prevent pregnancy: NO. This is not true. Using two cond0ms is actually worse. The friction from the two gives a higher risk of breakage and a higher risk of pregnancy or getting an STD. Using one cond0m properly is the best way if that is your preferred method of birth control. The best way to prevent pregnancy is of course abstinence.

3. Shoe size equals the size of a man’s pen!s: This is not true in the least. The size of a man’s foot does not determine the size of his gen!tals. There is no scientific proof of this myth.

4. You can’t get pregnant when you are on your period: While there is less of a chance, there is still a chance. Even though you are having your period the sp*rm can still live in the [email protected] for up to a week after interc0urse so there is always a chance of getting pregnant no matter what time of the month it is.

5. Natural family planning never works: Wrong! If you are diligent about keeping track of things like your ovulation cycles, body temperature, and the consistency of cervical mucus you can use this as a form of birth control. You have to be spot on diligent about it however in order to get the timing right but a 2007 study showed that it is just as effective as the pill when done properly.


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  1. John Peoples on

    Does the size of a man’s penis make a different in pleasure a women has during sex, or is that a myth also.

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