Don’t Blame Your Man: New Research Suggests the G-Spot Doesn’t Exist


By: Krystle Crossman

Many women suffer from the same thing while they are intimate with their partners…they can’t achieve [email protected] They think that it is because their partner cannot find their G-spot but according to new research this could be because there is no such thing! Researchers in Italy have been conducting surveys and doing research on the elusive [email protected] [email protected] and have come to find that the G-spot is just a myth.

Originally the research on the G-spot was conducted by Addiego. The research was completely based off of one woman who stated that when she was at the gynecologist’s office, German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, she felt a pleasurable sensation during her exam. She stated that it was located in the anterior wall of the [email protected] and that when pressed she felt increased sensitivity and also a mild feeling that she needed to urinate. It was later found out that she had not disclosed during the research that she had a condition called cystocele which is when the tissue that separates the bladder and the [email protected] wall is weakened and the bladder pushes through the wall of the [email protected] This would severely affect the sensation in that particular area.

Dr. Gail Saltz, associate professor of psychiatry with New York Presbyterian Hospital, states that in order for a woman to [email protected] the cl!toris must be stimulated in one way or another. She says that there is no connection between what people call the G-spot and the cl!toris. She states that the reason that so many women have trouble achieving [email protected] is because the cl!toris is a hidden organ and if they or their partner are not familiar with their body it is not going to be stimulated enough.

In 2007 Florida State University’s College of Medicine bioethicist Jeffrey Spikes gave an interview and stated that a new procedure that was spreading like wildfire was equal to medical malpractice. Women were going to their gynecologist for what was called a G-spot enhancement. This is where a fluid is injected into the soft spot on the anterior [email protected] wall that is believed to be the G-spot in order for it to be more prominent and therefore being more sensitive and easier to reach. Saltz notes that the best way for a woman to achieve climax is to learn about her body and show her partner what feels best for stimulation instead of trying to hit a spot that may not even be a real thing.



  1. I beg to differ with you about there not being a g-spot…..there is because I have experienced it & it is like nothing else in this world…..wonderful..and incredible feeling that can’be explained.

  2. I knew it!!!!! I have never found mine….and I hired a private detective to look for it….waste of money…..LOL No seriously, my doctor told me years ago that in rare cases some women do not have a spot that can be penetrated but those (us) women have an unusually shaped vagina that makes sex great, if not better for both parties…..

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