Don’t Make These Common Mistakes While Dieting


Measuring Tape Wrapped Around ForkBy: Krystle Crossman

When you go on a diet there are many different ‘rules’ that you have to follow and they can sometimes be very confusing. Here are seven mistakes that dieters often make and can cause them to fall off the wagon quickly.

1. Quitting your favorite foods cold turkey. This is not going to help you at all. You may think you can resist eating these foods again, but this will lead to a binge at some point. Allow yourself a cheat day every week so that you can quell your cravings without giving up completely.

2. Do not get rid of foods in categories. Don’t give up all carbs, or all fats, or all sugars. These things are all called micronutrients because we do need them in our bodies even if in small quantities.

3. High hopes that the diet will work almost instantly. Don’t expect that you are going to go all Biggest Loser and drop 20 pounds in a week. 2 pounds per week is a healthy weight loss. It takes a while to start seeing results, but you will once you start and keep up  up a routine then you will see it melt off.

4. Do not skip meals. This can lead to you eating more calories later on. Eat when you are hungry and have healthy snacks through the day.

5. Be careful not to eat too few calories. You need to eat a certain amount through the day; no less than 1200 calories for women. If you don’t eat enough calories, your body will store everything that you do eat because it will kick into starvation mode, which causes you to gain weight, not lose it.

6. Another mistake that dieters make is eating when their plan tells them to, not when they are hungry. Learn your hunger cues and eat when you are actually hungry.

7. Just because you went to the gym does not mean that you can indulge in junk food. They don’t cancel each other out. It is easy to think that you burned more calories than you really did.


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