Don’t Put That in Your Mouth! That’s Not Real Food


Ener-G-Egg-Replacer-075119124480By: Krystle Crossman

We all have foods that we love, but there are some foods that we just should not be putting in our mouths. They shouldn’t even be called foods! Here is a list of some things that are better left on the shelves at the store.

1. Imitation blueberries – Mostly made from flour and sugar. There is no real blueberry anywhere in there!

2. Butter spray – Buttermilk is about as close to butter as you are going to get here.

3. Easy Cheese – This cheesy canned substance is fun to play with but shouldn’t be eaten. It is filled with oil, emulsifiers, and fillers.

4. Chocolate Chip “flavored” – Don’t be fooled. You won’t find any cocoa powder here so they have to say that it’s flavored like a chocolate chip. They use vegetable oil instead which means high trans fat.

5. Eggs that didn’t come from a bird – Egg substitutes do have real egg whites in them, but they also have a lot of other things such as “natural flavor”.

6. Dairy Dessert – No, it’s not ice cream. A dairy dessert is made with milk, cream and sugar, but is also packed with other things such as whey, gums, and corn syrup.

7. Peanut butter that isn’t peanut butter – Peter Pan claims that it has no added sugar, however they don’t mention that they have far more oil which means more trans fat.

8. Instant potatoes – These little flakes are dehydrated potatoes, so at least they are made from the real thing, but they are also made up of emulsifiers and preservatives.

9. Tea that is not really tea – Tea should be a tea bag or tea leaves and water. That’s it, that is all that makes up a real tea. Yet somehow Sobe and Pepsi have managed to make “tea” that has up to 21 ingredients in it including loads of sugar and artificial coloring.


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