Double Standards: Men are Praised While Women Are Condemned


downloadBy: Serena Crawford

There have always been double standards between men and women. Women have come a long way in the last few decades but these common double standards still exist for some reason:

1. Bossy – When you are a woman in a position of power in the workplace and you are strict you end up being called all sorts of colorful names. You are also told that you are bossy. If a man is assertive in a position of power though he is just commanding respect.

2. Career – Women wasn’t to have high-powered careers too. When they go after these careers they are often told that they are ignoring the responsibilities that they have as a woman such as housework and family. Should a man go for a high-powered career, he is called ambitious.

3. Dieting – Men on diets are said to be looking out for their health and are taking care of themselves. When a woman goes on a diet it is all about her look sand she is only do it to be thinner.

4. Aging – Men are said to get better looking as they age. Women get suggestions for plastic surgery and wrinkle creams.

5. Body hair – Some men will shave off all of their body hair because they want to but if they don’t, it is no big deal. Women however get the slightest bit of stubble and they are condemned.

6. Having multiple partners – If a woman has multiple s*xual partners she is called many different names that mean that she is promiscuous. Normally when a male has multiple partners he is getting high-fives from his buddies.

7. No children – Often times people will condemn a woman for not wanting children. She will be called selfish and be chastised for not wanting a family. Not all women want a child and there is nothing wrong with that at all. If a man doesn’t want a child, no one ever tells him that he is selfish right?

8. Overweight – This is one of the biggest double standards out there. Men who are a little overweight get jokes about their “beer bellies” but that is about it. You don’t hear other men snickering in a corner because they think the man standing across the room is fat. You don’t often see women look right by a man because he is a little overweight either. However if a woman is even a little overweight she will be passed over for dates, told that she should diet, and that she should exercise more because she is not taking care of her body.



  1. 1) “Bossy” so what?? What about the fact that Black men apply for that same job with the same qualifications or better and DOESN’T get it. Being called names etc is NOTHING compared to the double standards White men have in their hiring, firing and promotions leaving us demoralized in a FAR more Substantive way! Not just upset over name calling , a few snickers etc. Hell at least she has a Greater chance at a good income meanwhile…. 2)Black males are discouraged from academics from grade school up but not the Black females. Rare is she chided and pressured to conform to look, dress, sound and listen to stupid music, stupid programs, desensitizing Euro games and movies glorifying White males etc as it is regularly with our boys and young men. Black men are the REAL target! Black girls and women are suffering and dying but NOWHERE the SCALE it is on our boys and men. So SPARE me the nonsense on the hurt …feelings… while Black boys and men are struggling to keep breathing each day from predatory cops, neighbors, stalking lovers,racist bosses, etc. By the way the majority of those ‘labels’ are references to White women vs White men not Black men vs Black women because Whites have made certain the power dynamic is not in the Black man’s hands by choosing her over us.

    Lastly here’s something I read off a blog:

    “As a Black parent of a male child there is so much you worry about. You know this nation is Very hostile towards him when he looks as if he is approaching manhood. From that moment thereafter police seem bent to take his life or incarcerate him. The school system interprets in regular hostility any behavior they would consider just annoying by others. Employers (should he be employed at all) make his continued employment dependent on suppressing natural emotions like anger and aggression etc. That male child will see deliberate systematic things make his life harder in the ‘legal’ world but silky smooth to enter the underground world of drugs and male prostitution that risk him being incarcerated, diseased and or killed. This is not to dismiss the Black daughter at all because she has a lot of issues lined against her too. But this nation has a Specific TARGET on the brain and body of the Black male that is geared towards his destruction like NO other group. Evidenced from the early days of slavery right into the mid 1900s Black men and even young boys hung from trees on average DAILY with no law or law enforcement system avenging their needless and savage demise. So, as hard as that is to hear for some, it is far WORSE to LIVE it. This is another reason I’ve learned prayer and have a bit more tolerance when I see my nephew and someone else’s son do things that clearly can be misunderstood if there is no acknowledgement of the context of his very existence. Real talk.”

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