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When I was a little girl, I would travel with my grandmother as she would deliver “speeches” at churches. It never sat right with me that she didn’t sit in the pulpit with the men. One day I asked. “Why?”. Humbly she replied, “Because women aren’t allowed.” In fact, she went on to explain that she had been “called to preach” but because she was a woman it wasn’t allowed so she instead called herself an “orator” in order “to do God’s work”. I remember not liking that at all. I remember feeling the seeds of hatred towards injustice taking root at the pit of my belly. I remember feeling the seeds of mistrust of men taking root in my heart. But somehow …at the same time…I felt a sense of pride for her shrewdness…the POWAH & specialness of being a WOMAN determined.

Watching her work her “calling” from behind the scenes would play a pivotal role in my own professional/personal journey. I just didn’t know to what extent.

I learned a great deal from my grandmother about the POWAH of being a WOMAN determined….of trusting the intuitive sense. But it started becoming REALLY CLEAR 3 years ago when I wandered into a Used Bookstore in Palo Alto, California. Guided strictly by my intuition, I was pulled to books on Original Christianity. The Dead Sea Scrolls that I’d never heard of before seem to fall directly off the shelves as if they were being pushed off by an unseen hand. First, the Gospel of Thomas: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you have will save you. If you do not bring it forth, what you do not have within you will kill you.” I shuddered! This was REAL psychology…true spirituality….SALVATION…freeing the mind of anxiety, depression, insanity…peacemaking between the ego and the Self. I cried.

It was then that I quietly began my journey into the sacred mysteries, the hidden teachings of Jesus and His first apostle, His Beloved, Mary Magdalene. It was then that I began having mystical experiences with the Ascended Master Teacher that were healing my heart. It was then that I began to see why MY GRANDMOTHER would have been who she was (and is) to me. It was then that I began healing me INTENTIONALLY so that I would one day help the feminine collective to move through the pain of the tainted “Christianity” and all of the other constructs that have limited our Being-ness, our Becoming…BELOVED.

Why am I sharing this? Yesterday, the cutting of my hair was a symbolic representation of the cutting of the final roots of resentment & mistrust of The Masculine that were constricting the next level ascension for me & all the women connected to me…and no longer behind the scenes. This time BRAVE, BOLD, BELIEVING that it’s all been by Divine Design…that it’s all been a part of The Gift.

Today I dance deeper into the Gospel of Mary…for now I re-member LOVE wholly…holy.

And for that I am grateful. I am humbled.

A thriving leader and social entrepreneur Melva Green, MD, MBA, MPH has surely grown up from the sweet little southern belle playing “doctor” to become one of the most widely respected and sought after psychiatrists, life strategists and mental wellness advocates. Favorably referred to as “The Doc”, Dr. Green has made her mark as a Medical Expert, Motivational Speaker, Radio Personality and Psychotherapist. She’s even shined in the medico legal market testifying as an Expert Witness.



  1. Dr. Melva, thank you so much for this post. It is one of the first blogs on mental illness that has coincided with some of my beliefs. I am a mental health professional and feel that treatment should be holistic, encompassing the mind, body and spirit while legitimizing the unseen experiences of the individual. Most mental health models will consider the patient to be delusional if he/she describes an experience or existence that does not fall within the “normal” constructs of society. Because there is an imbalance in society, many individuals in society also have an imbalance. My opinion is that the only thing to bring society into a state of homeostasis is to correct some of the injustices that still exist in this modern day. We can talk about moving forward all day, everyday and have done so for ages but until we recognize that the state of imbalance can not be loved away we will continue along this path. Life consists of positive balanced by negative, masculine balanced by feminine, love balanced by justice. Regardless what religion you are, these are universal principles. If you are Christian you are taught to do unto others as you would have done to you. If you are more scientific in nature the correlation will be, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, there must be balance to attain true healing.

    • Patty cake–I awoke early thinking about your comments—–there should b emore articles on this subject it seems to be key ingredient in life—some want to push the pill—-and other money making ways to obtain balance, some may work but they also causes other imbalances—the formula always gets lost.

  2. Thanks for sharing-I’m pleased to read that many are waking up from the bondage of chauvinistic, narrasism, self-loathing and pure hatred all masked in the form of religion. “All dressed in white but filled with strife” a poem I wrote concerning Sunday Mourning Saints.

    It takes some true work to get set free from the formality and bondage that religion has brought. It’s much more than tithes and offering and attending church-but the truth is that it was rooted from slavery.

    African did not practice Christianity. Our ancestors were introduce to Jesus by their oppressors who didn’t truly have a relationship with him because if they did it would have not been slavery.

    The oppressors told our ancestors that Jesus didn’t love them and many more lies. So that’s where male dominance stems from and all the rules and regulation to get accepted by the oppressors’ Jesus.

    It just been handed down from generation to generation no wearing pants, women subjected unto the husbands, no playing cards and all that…

    It only take TRUTH SEEKERS- to get set free and I rejoice with you sister for your new found freedom- just stay FREE

    • @Superstr, I appreciate your comments. A lot of people that hold these viewpoints become isolated in society. You have some interesting concepts. Is there anyway to get in contact with you to continue this conversation?

  3. Thanks for such an inspiring article. It actually caught my eye since we have the same first name. God Bless you and thank God for grandmothers.

  4. I thank you all for taking the time to read this and responding. The journey to emancipation from religion to spirituality has had many twists and turns; but all leading to FREEDOM..to Self LOVE. Patty Cake, RN you can just imagine that isolation was the price I paid to think for myself and to inspire others to think for themselves as well. My training as a traditional psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins met with its own peculiar battle in the fight to return to holistic healing practice…helping others to pull back the loss parts of their souls and to re-integrate to a place of wholeness. Superstr, I thank you as well for your contribution to this discussion. I should say in full disclosure that I tend to personally stay out of conversations about what people believe, or why they believe what they believe. I work hard to stay in a place of non-judgement or giving “information” about the roots of various religions no matter how well I’ve studied archeology, mythology, theology, etc. My mission involves INSPIRING others to explore their own thought/belief systems so that they might uncover the Divine Healer within…so that they might consciously walk their own path. I BELIEVE societal transformation begins with self transformation. It keeps me FREE. *smiles*

    • Dr. Green, I think that this must be a mutual admiration society. I have somewhat been following the same path from recognition of some of the pitfalls of conventional treatments to the holistic mindset. I too have been and continue to be an outlier because of my views. At this time I am trying to redirect and find a community more supportive of my views. Blacjk Jones I am grateful that you are appreciative of my comments because I am the type of person that likes to give others something to think about.

  5. WOW I cannot believe what i’m reading this–it is such an inspiring article—- our story is much the same — I will continue on this path–it has revealed in me a deep understanding of POSITIVES and NEGATIVES—-how the apply in life—-or don’t apply—-Hope that more folk will be mindful of all things making them able to think for themselves without condemning but freeing themselves.

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