Dr Oz: Resolutions that are Simple, Healthy and Worth it


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Making a resolution for the new year is easy. Keeping it is the hardest part. Dr. Oz has some tips on making a resolution that you can actually keep because it doesn’t involve drastic change, which is often why we have such a hard time with them.

1. Try getting some red dishes: A study in 2012 showed that when people ate on red plates they had a tendency to eat less food than if they were to eat from a blue or a white plate. There is no definite explanation for this but the researchers believed that it was because we subconsciously associate the color red with stopping an action.

2. Get more healthy fats in your diet: Avocado, nuts, and olive oil all have monosaturated fats in them. These kinds of fats are heart healthy and should be included in everyone’s diet. Be careful not to overdo it as these foods are rich, but a small amount every day can help to give you better heart health and less belly fat.

3. Get busy more often: Research shows that having s*x at least 12 times per month can help you to lower your risk of heart problems. When you have more s*x your heart rate variability is raised. The HRV is what helps your heart rate respond to changes such as going from sitting to standing.

4. Get walking: You don’t need to join an expensive gym. Take a nice brisk walk through nature. The fresh air will energize you and you can get some great cardio in by walking up hills or walking at a fast pace.

5. Get just the right amount of sleep: Under five hours of sleep per night can put you at greater risk for heart problems and also contributes to eating more calories during the day. Sleeping over nine hours per night will lead to low exercise levels.


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