Dr Oz: S*x Has Many Benefits


kissingBy Staff Blogger

Dr. Oz is no stranger when it comes to the topic of s*x. He has openly talked about his intimate life with his wife Lisa on his television show. He says that he feels very strongly about the topic and has great tips to share with everyone. These are six ways that s*x benefits your health.

1. Good for your heart: S*x is a great cardio workout if you are doing it right. You can burn up to 70 calories in just half an hour. A recent study has found that people who have s*x 12 times per month or more have a higher Heart Rate Variable which means that your heart is better equipped at handling changes such as going from sitting to standing. Higher numbers are better for your heart health.

2. Looking younger: A panel judged the looks of people who had varying levels of s*x during the week. People who did the deed 3 times per week or more were found to look years younger. This is due to an anti-aging hormone that is released during sex.

3. Sleepy time: After s*x a surge of the hormone oxytocin is released. This hormone reduces stress and helps you get to sleep quickly.

4. No more pain: Have you ever used the excuse “Not tonight I have a headache”? Sorry to say, that is not a valid excuse! S*x releases endorphins which can dull pain and cure headaches. So while you may have a headache before, s*x is a natural aspirin.

5. Boost that immune system: S*x is a great way to boost your immune system and it has been shown that the more whoopie you engage in, the fewer colds you get! One problem is that people who had s*x three or more times per week actually lowered their immune system response! One to two times per week is optimal.

6. Memories: For women, the quality of the s*x far outweighs the health benefits. It has been shown that good memories about your s*x life can actually add four years to your life.



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