Dwyane Wade and Gabby Union Celebrate Her Birthday and He Gives Her a Ring


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Bad Boys actress Gabrielle Union celebrated her 41st birthday on October 29th. She got a great surprise when boyfriend Dwyane Wade stopped by even though he was to be hopping on a flight to Philadelphia shortly. He gave her a small wrapped box. Union had a huge smile on her face as she unwrapped her present and found that it was a championship ring.

Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat won the 2013 NBA Championship. Wade also won the Season-long NBA Community Assist Award. He has been on the NBA All Star team every year since 2005.

The present was not an engagement for Union, but she loved it no less. She sent out a tweet shortly after the party stating “And thank you to the guy that forgets to put the cap on the toothpaste, flushes the non-flushable baby wipes but always goes all out for my birthday”. She also tweeted some photos of herself in a bikini saying, “Age ain’t nothing but a number”. She looks far younger than her 41 years.

Wade and Union have been together since 2008. In September of this year Wade had an interview with Jay Leno where he spoke about rough times between the couple. He said that being in a celebrity relationship is extremely hard. The couple split for a small period this year due to scheduling conflicts. Union was busy filming her show Being Mary Jane while Wade was busy trying to win the championship with the Miami Heat. Wade said they looked hard at the relationship and in the end decided that they were better together and the relationship deserved the best effort that they could both put forward to continue. They are now going strong and appear to be very happy.



  1. I love Gabriel Union she is a natural beauty and a great actress!
    Dwayne me & my boys love you and your humbleness. You are so talented and you go hard. A lot people say my son looks like you. He’s now 21 and his father was shit and killed when he was 3 years old. I love you and Gab together and I’m happy to see you going hard for one another. You make a great couple! Ill be praying for you both and Happy Birthday Gab! Me and my 3 boys are big fans of you both 🙂 Be blessed!

  2. There is something so genuine about the couple.
    I wish them a longlasting relationship.
    I am happy watching any good news about them.
    Happy Birthday Gabby.
    Success in the Miami Heat…..keep your sons and
    Gabby close to your heart Dwyane…….

    Love Cyn

  3. Wade, we all know you’ve had a bad divorce but now you have a superbad girlfriend. Why don’t you stop making her wait and put an engagement ring on it! You two have been together almost 6 yrs., and that is an awfully long time for anyone that has stood beside you through thick and thin in your life. Considering the fact that she has never married, Gabrielle deserves it! ~♡♥♡~ Happy belated Birthday too.!

  4. It is wonderful when you can meet Mr or Ms right. However, I am old school how would God see this. 6yrs is a long time. I know he has gone thru alot but you go thru to grow thru it. His next marriage they should go thru counselling with there pastor making sure everything lines up with the word of God. You cant go wrong

  5. I can’t help waiting to see if someone plays her for her boyfriend like she has played so many women for their boyfriends and husbands, including my own.

  6. marquise price on

    I think when u give someone a ring! this type of thing too me is very sentimental and something u will always remember and think that she should hv been getting an engagement ring tht looked like u were teasing her and she is more deserving than getting that big gigantic man’s ring that she ‘s wearing on her finger! why not an engagement ring?

  7. Spivey L Gordon on

    Happy birthday Gabby. As an admirer, I’m hoping to see you and Dwayne tie the not snd be together forever. I love you both.

  8. Gabrielle will get every thing back that she has done to other women. What ever negative, disrespect, evil she has released in the universe will come back on her.

  9. Dwayne Wade is a complete Joke and Gabby Union is a complete fool.This man is not going to marry you girl wake up and smell the coffee enough already Labron James and Chris Bosch have married their women and yet Dwayne Wade keeps putting things off Gabby my advice too you is move forward find that special someone that you can a life with because Dwayne Wade is not the one you are his bed mate a maid and mother for his children

    • As for LaBron James, hasn’t he been with his wife a LONG TIME, prior to marrying her? Don’t they have multiple kids together…..

  10. Zachary C. Husser, Sr. on

    Mr. Wade,

    You know what the world of women looks like out in the streets of life! If you love Ms. Union the way you say you do, put a Wedding Band on her left ring finger and let the World know you’re committed to that smart, beautiful, and talented young woman. Show your Sons and Other Young Women the kind of Man you are when it comes to Family! Don’t play Family, get married and be a Family! Both Garbrielle and You deserve that!!

  11. Rev. George Brooks on

    Either I am blind, or the writer of this story, Krystle Crossman, is in the first grade in terms of journalism.Because, how in the heck was THE AMOUNT of the ring left out, which is the first thing that most readers thought about, and looked for. And it’s only natural since we are talking about celebrities here. So why did this website even put this dumb story on here? The story is INCOMPLETE. — Rev. George Brooks

  12. Why are congratulations in order when he only gave her his “championship ring?” What a cruel joke! What is she going to do with that? Pawn it when she can no longer find work as an actress in Hollywood? She is past 40 years old. I see no marriage in the future for these two. Just my 2 cents worth.

    Be Blessed,

  13. What everyone fails to realize is that Dwayne Wade was married and a father at a young age, got out of that marriage, there has been some “drama” from it and he’s not in a rush to marry again. Gabby has been married “briefly” before, so although I believe in marriage, other folks enjoy “being together.” Maybe he wants to “stay” single for a while. He was married to his “high school” sweetheart, whereas, someone mentioned LaBron, who just “recently” married, whomever this was, who already bore several of his children, so I guess he said he might as well marry her.

    • Gabrielle Union has been with Dwayne Wade for years and he’d rather give her an NBA championship ring other than the real deal and as long as he play his game Gabby Union will play along with him as in playing Wife and Mother I say she deserves better

  14. Before you all condemn them & their intended nuptials, ask yourself how many of your are still with your “High School Sweetheart” & go from there

      • What are you babbling about & why are you so obsessed with this Man’s personal life, everyone was refering to his operative word (Ex) Wife @ Thorton High School in Harvey Illinois, I drove past it last week. Were are you getting your information on the “ring” TMZ & The Grio are reporting an engagement ring & a proposal

        • Did you read the above article?? I read TMZ everyday and they had no report on Dwayne Wade and his proposal too Gabrielle Union if that was the NBA sports news would have written something about it

          • Why would they report on this it isn’t sports news & most leagues hate the merger of sports & entertainment “Hollywood”, it tends to hamper careers & team dynamics. True sports fans like myself care more about his “assist”, than who he is dating, the quetion is “why do you care”?

  15. I would not want his championship ring. What is that suppose to be a joke? I hope he did other things for her birthday beside give her “his” ring as in dinner, flowers or something. 6 years and no ring? She needs to respect her ownself and move ahead. I am sure their are many fellows that would like to wed her if she would give them a chance.

    • You do realize he played the Chicago Bulls that night & boarded a plane the Philadelphia to were she was immediately afterward & all the news agencies are reporting he gave her an engagement ring only hateful Black Folk are spreading gossip of his Championship Ring (which has more diamonds than a tennis bracelet& worth 1/4 of a million dollars)

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