Eat Smart: How To Eat Fatty Foods The Smart Way and Minimize the Damage


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Sometimes there is just no way around it. You have to have that high calorie, gut busting, full-of-fat meal. It doesn’t have to happen that often but sometimes you are at a restaurant and something smells or looks so good that you just have to have it. If you have to, go for it, but use these tips to be a little smarter when you have that fatty meal.

1. Drink grape juice: Studies that came from Chile showed that if you drink grape juice or red wine with a fatty meal it can help to protect your arteries from plaque and cholesterol building up during that meal.

2. Eat some oatmeal as a side: A cup of oatmeal can be added to the meal and will also help to keep your arteries clean. This was not seen when adding wheat to the meal, only oatmeal.

3. Get your green veggie on: Every single time that you have a meal, get a green veggie to go with it. Studies from the University of Maryland observed that when a participant ate a fatty meal their artery function decrease almost immediately, however if they had a green veggie as a side, this did not happen. They also observed the effects on a hamburger patty that came from a hospital cafeteria. It caused the arteries to do very unhealthy things but when a slice of avocado was thrown in with the burger the arteries behaved normally.

4. Take a supplement loaded with antioxidants: During another study participants were given 2 grams of vitamin C before their meal. When they did this they found no drop in artery function after a bad meal. They also used powdered fruit and vegetable supplements and found that it also decrease the drop in function.


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