Eat These Foods To Avoid Getting Bloated


bloatedBy Staff Blogger

Bloating is uncomfortable and painful. Clothes become tight and you become cranky. Here are some foods you can eat to reduce bloating.

1. Cucumbers – They are loaded with water and more water! The more water without fiber you take in, the more you have to pee. The more you pee, the less bloating you will have.

2. Watermelon – This delicious fruit is like a cucumber in the fact that it is made up of mostly water. At under 100 calories in a serving, this is a great snack to help with bloating.

3. Asparagus – Asparagus can help to reduce water retention. If you plan on going to the beach eat a few stalks before going out to make sure you are at your optimal size.

4. Bananas – Had too much salt last night? Eat a banana. High potassium foods help to offset the sodium and reduce bloating.

5. Egg whites – They are filled with protein and can fill you up. They also act as a diuretic so you pee often and reduce bloating.

6. Red grapes – Pop them in the freezer for a nice cold and healthy snack. Grapes will help reduce the bloating.

7. Greek Yogurt – Filled with protein, this yogurt is great for aiding digestion. Try to find one with less than 20 grams of sugar in it. Too much sweet stuff can make you gain weight.

8. Iced Coffee – Avoid carbonation. It can make you extremely gassy. Go for the coffee or tea instead since they are mostly water. Watch how much sugar you put in however.

9. Avocado – Avocado is rich in healthy fats. Try to have healthy fats in at least one day a week. Nuts and salmon are great sources as well.

10. Nuts – Almonds and pistachios are a great way to reduce bloating as long as they are unsalted.

11. String cheese – Despite what you may have heard, dairy does not make you bloat. Grab some string cheese and pull away!

12. Zucchini – This veggie can help fill you up and keep you full. You won’t be as tempted to grab a snack.


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