Eight Ways to Know if Your New Man Has a Binder Full of Women


dsopsdpodsopBy Staff Blogger

Men can be tricky and it’s hard to know what you’re getting.  You may not have a problem with your man dating other women at the same time he’s dating you.  You may also be one of those women who simply looks the other way.  If that’s you, then read no further.  But if you’re seeking out a man who is as committed as you are, here are a few warning signs that can tell you if the man has drama happening in the background that you might not know anything about.

1) He only calls during certain times of the day:  If every conversation is in transit, at work or on the way home from work, that could mean that he has something at home waiting for him.  Run tests to try to talk to him at different times of the day to see how responsive he is.

2) If his phone is always off when he’s with you. He may tell you that he doesn’t answer calls or keeps his phone on silent in order to focus his attention on you.  But he may not be answering because these are calls he can’t take when you’re around.

3) Does he just happen to be busy on Valentine’s Day and other special holidays?   Valentine’s Day is the dead giveaway, since a man can’t spend Valentine’s Day with multiple women, well, at least it’s very difficult.  If he just happens to have to work on V-Day or is busy that night, then you’re hearing all that you need to know.

4) Is he consistent with his outreach to you?  Men who have a lot of women to juggle can’t call them all consistently.   Use your natural female instinct to determine if he has a consistent rhythm with you.  If he calls you every night before bed, then that means he might be yours.  But if he goes days at a time without reaching out with a phone call (not a text message), then you’re not high on the priority list.  You’re more like an asset that he’s trying to keep in his portfolio with the hope that the stock price might rise high enough for him to get a chance to sleep with you.

5) Does he even let you look at his phone?  Playas don’t let women look at their phone or answer it.  Try to peak at it or see how quickly he grabs it when it rings.  His quick reaction will tell you a lot about what he’s thinking.

6) Does he regularly seek you out on the weekends or is he always “too busy?”  If a man is focused on you, he’s going to consider you to be his first option for weekend activity. If he’s not at least trying to find out what you’re up to, or he disappears for the whole weekend, then that tells you quite a bit.

7) Have you met his family or friends?  Only the boldest and dumbest men will bring their second woman around friends and relatives.  If you’ve never met any of his friends or relatives, then you’re either one of many or second in line.

8) His place or yours?  A cheater is more likely to get caught at his place. So, if he’s always trying to go to yours, that means he probably has something to hide.



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