Emotional Affairs: Is It Still Cheating if There is Nothing “Physical” Going On?


By: Krystle Crossman

Cheating is cheating, whether it is physical or emotional, but there are vast differences between the two. Emotional infidelity is known as creating a deeper connection with someone else who is not your partner. It is harder to spot emotional affairs. Most men and women would consider an emotional affair as cheating unless they are doing it.

The Huffington Post and YouGov sent out a survey to 1,000 people in the US. Sixty percent of the people that took the survey said that they would consider it cheating if their partner made a deep emotional connection with someone else. Gender seemed to play a large part in their answers with this survey as 70% of women felt that it would be cheating as opposed to 50% of men. When the situations were reversed however, 50% of another group said that it wouldn’t be cheating. This separate group was asking if they would consider it an affair if they were the ones with the emotional connection, not their partner.

The reason for these responses could be that we process situations differently when we are the ones who are that main part of the situation. You know what your thoughts and intentions are but you can’t know that for sure with your partner, so all you see are their actions.

Here are three ways that you can tell if you are an emotional cheater:

1. Venting your problems to a friend is normal, but it is not normal to seek someone out to fill the void in your relationship.

2. If you are hiding your relationship with someone from your partner, even if it is not physical, it means that you feel there is something that they would not be happy about or there is something that is wrong.

3. You worry that it might be an affair. If you are thinking it is cheating, then it probably is.



  1. Witch Dr Whyme on

    Does this apply to female to female and male to male relationships? I don’t think it is true about all emotional relationships. I believe they are brother and sister if it is male and female because when it is female and female, it is called sisters!!

  2. Arnesia Bishop-McNeil on

    If you're hiding it you're cheating..Even the appearance of bad behavior should tell you to stop…When you have to question your bahavior you should check youself..

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