Emotional Health Risks and Implications of Being Overly Promiscuous


promiscuousBy Staff Blogger

Promiscuity is frowned upon by many but practiced by many. A general definition of promiscuity is: when someone has frequent s*xual encounters with multiple partners. Practicing this can be bad for your physical and emotional health.

Usually the people that engage in s*x with many different partners are people who have low self-esteem and are trying to make themselves feel better by thinking that everyone wants them. This type of behavior can often lead to taking other risks in life that can be extremely dangerous. Often individuals who are promiscuous are depressed. They use s*x as an escape from the depression but it ends up making them more depressed in the long run because they can’t sustain normal and healthy relationships.

Adolescents are particularly susceptible to emotional fall-outs because of promiscuity because they are not mature enough to handle it and often end up hurting themselves because of it.

Some of the physical damage that can be done by being promiscuous are:

• Cancer – Ovarian, cervical, prostate
• Domestic violence
• Heart disease (due to heavy drinking and smoking that is sometimes paired with being promiscuous)
• Unwanted pregnancy
• Birth defects

Everyday Health states that there are 19 million new cases of STDs every year. People don’t take the necessary precautions to help stop the spread of these infections. This also puts many people at risk for AIDS/HIV.

Many times when individuals practice this kind of behavior they have trouble developing meaningful relationships, have multiple partners and  have many short-term relationships. Some will even engage in prostitution, use drugs and alcohol, and have routine encounters in public places.


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  1. marcus davis on

    Nowadays in the 21st century to fool around especially without protection and not be aware of the risks ,you would have to be a complete jackass.

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