Endless Love:Celebrating 75 Year Anniversary at 101 and 98 Years Old


By: Krystle Crossman

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and whether you celebrate the holiday or not you can’t deny that love is in the air and it is one of the more powerful forces in the world. Love is something that everyone should feel at least once in their life, whether it be for a fleeting moment, or for a lifetime like William and Willie Mae Fullwood. The Fullwoods met when they were young. William was a baseball player in the Negro Leagues in 1934. He met a beautiful school teacher in Georgia. Her name was Willie Mae. He knew that she was going to be the woman that he was going to marry. He pursued her but she kept turning him down. She said that he was too young for her. They have a three year age difference. William did not give up. He kept pursuing the young woman until finally she agreed to begin a relationship with him. Now, 81 years later, they have eight children, 23 grandchildren, and eight great-grandkids! They are celebrating 75 happy years of marriage this year.

William, 98, and Willie Mae, 101, live at the Mount Laurel Center for Rehabilitation in New Jersey. They spread their love and joy throughout the center. Their youngest son Earnest, 59, says that they still wake up every single day feeling blessed that they have one another. He said they are never cranky or cross with one another and are joyful people. Both are in pretty good health despite their age. They must keep each other feeling young.

William met Willie Mae at an event that was related to the one-room school that she taught at in Dublin, Georgia. He was instantly smitten with her. Finally after pursuing her for a while she called William up and said that she was ready to be with him. They have been very much in love ever since. Their son said that they are one of the sweetest couples that you could ever see. Their love story is so great that they had a reporter from the Courier-Post in NJ come in to take photos of them together and report their story. They moved to New Jersey in the 1950s to try and find work since there was so much segregation in Florida where they had lived. William worked and Willie Mae stayed home to raise the kids.