Eric Garner’s Daughter Protested Obama’s Town hall, says ABC Silenced Her


By: Krystle Crossman

President Obama held a town hall to speak out about the racial divide that we are facing in our country today. The town hall was produced by ABC. Eric Garner’s daughter Erica was told by ABC that she would get to ask President Obama the questions that she had for him but when the time came, she was ignored. She never got to ask her questions and she had had enough. Garner stood up and got loud. She was finally heard and was allowed to ask the President her questions but she still was not satisfied. She took to social media to state that it was sad how black women never seem to be heard until they get “loud” and perpetuate the stereotypes that are swirling around about loud black women. She used the hashtag #LoudBlackGirls in order to bring the situation to light.

Garner stated that there wasn’t even any mention of her father or her family at this town hall. She called it a farce and stated that ABC was using her to get ratings by showing that she was there without actually listening to anything that she had to say. She also said that the town hall was an “exploitation of Black pain and grief”. Garner states that it is really sad that black women have to become loud and belligerent in order to be heard. This is the sad reality for most black women today. They are rarely heard when they speak. They are only heard when they become frustrated enough to start yelling.

Feminista Jones caught wind of what happened to Garner and decided that a new hashtag needed to be brought out to bring light to the situation that black women face every day. She tweeted #LoudBlackGirls and stated that she encouraged black women to be as “ghetto”, “ratchet”, and “loud” as they wanted to be in order to be heard. When black women are not heard it makes them angry and with good reason. They become angrier still when they have to raise their voices and then are told to quiet down because they are being “ratchet” or “ghetto”. These are stereotypes for black women that they have to face every day. Garner and Jones hope that more people will voice their opinions and be loud without relenting to the stereotypes. Black women need to be heard, whether they are loud or not.



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