Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall Are Expecting!



By: Krystle Crossman

Bring on the babies! This year has been a busy one for celebrity mothers-to-be. The newest addition to the list of expectant mothers is America’s Next Top Model winner Eva Marcille. She is currently dating singer Kevin McCall. She is already five months along and could not be more excited for her new bundle of joy to arrive.

In an interview with BET.com Marcille says that having a baby is a dream for many women, but for her it is a magical experience and she wouldn’t want to share it with anyone but Kevin. This is a far cry from her personality when she won ANTM it seems as many would have described the 28 year old as self-absorbed. Perhaps being in the business has changed her, or maybe it is due to the pregnancy. Either way it is a great change for her.

Marcille says that she is happy about where life has taken her and is taking her in the future. She spoke about her acting career and told BET.com that she will have a guest role on Real Husbands of Hollywood soon.

Marcille began her career as a model under her birth name of Eva Pigford. She won the third cycle of America’s Next Top Model. She dropped her managers (one of whom was Tyra Banks) in 2006 and is now currently working for L.A. Models but is also acting as well. She changed her last name to Marcille (which is her middle name) so that she would not be associated with her modeling career when she went after an acting job.

McCall and Marcille began dating late in 2012 after she broke things off with rapper FloRida.



  1. It seems like no matter how nice a story is supposed to be, they always have to say something negative about people. Who cares if she seemed “self absorbed”? She was in a competition so she wasn’t there to focus on anything but winning. Stop with the little digs at people. You want people to read this site constantly bash the people that should be uplifted. Get it together.

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