Evelyn Lozada Discusses Upcoming Wedding and The Weight She Needs To Lose


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Former Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada is getting ready to give birth to her second child. She has just one month left to go and is looking radiant. She sat down with HipHollywood for an interview where she spoke about her plans to get rid of her baby weight and plans about her upcoming nuptials as well.

Lozada said that when she first got pregnant she weighed in at 150 pounds. She has gained 31 pounds since then, which falls well within the normal weight gain range for someone who is 8 months pregnant. She says that they are estimating that the baby weighs four pounds at the moment. She said that she is going to really focus on getting back into shape and has already been in touch with personal trainer, Jeanette Jenkins, who will be helping her get back down to her pre-pregnancy weight once she has the baby. She even has a bet going that within two months of having the baby she will be back to her old body. She says that it will be a good motivator for her.

Lozada and fiancé Carl Crawford, who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers, are planning on getting hitched as soon as this upcoming baseball season is done. That will give the couple plenty of time to plan for the wedding even though Crawford will be traveling for a good portion of the season. Lozada says that she is extremely happy and really did not expect any of this, but she is making the most of it.

Lozada’s first child, daughter Shaniece, is now 20 years old. She says that having a baby again is going to be different because it has been so long since she has had one and this time it’s a boy.



  1. Oh!! so now she want the wedding, to be after baseball season, so that she can make plans.Evelyn you have been married before, and you had a lavish wedding so there is no need for a big wedding something small and simple is ok, but let’s call it for what it is and that is this Dude have no intentions on marrying you,you will be the mother of his child not his wife,women like you come a dime a dozen plain and simple.

  2. Waiting until after baseball season, code word:no marriage taking place, he’ll be replacing her with another jump off soon.

  3. Evelyn is just another baby momma who sets out to get a baby with an athlete just to have a guaranteed income obviously I really can’t understand why any man would want a baby with her Evelyn is just another jump off slut that has been passed around like a piece of cake and all the ball players in line got a slice point blank.

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