Everybody Po0ps But Some Are More Regular Than Others: What You Can Do to Aid Your Digestion


By: Krystle Crossman

There are many different functions that our body goes through in a day to remain regulated and balanced. You sweat, you shed hairs from your head, and you blink. One of the most important functions that your body has is one that a lot of people don’t like to talk about because they think that it is taboo or embarrassing. That’s right, we are talking about waste elimination. Some people come up with cute phrases to talk about it in a more humorous manner so they aren’t as embarrassed such as “dropping the kids off at the pool” or “taking a deuce”. But everyone still knows what they mean. Even if you are embarrassed to talk about it with other people you should still be making sure that you are keeping track of when it happens and if you are having issues because serious digestive problems can occur if you are not eliminating waste regularly.

Doctors say that if your digestive tract is healthy you should be elimination one to three times per day. If you find that you are not regular or are having issues try these common solutions:

1. Take magnesium and Vitamin C supplements. Try starting with 300mg of the magnesium and 1g of the Vitamin C. You can increase these if you find that they are not working. Keep in mind that supplements such as iron and calcium can actually cause you to become constipated so if you are taking either of those you may need a higher dose of the vitamin or magnesium.

2. Eat more fiber. Fiber is great for your digestion. It helps to move things along and helps you to absorb the nutrients that you are eating. If you find that you are having trouble using the bathroom at least once per day of you have what look like animal pellets in the toilet you need more fiber.

3. Get some exercise. Believe it or not exercising helps food work through your system better. It helps to tone all of your muscles and also releases the hormones that are needed to keep your body in a balanced state.

4. Make sure that you are drinking water. If you don’t have enough you may have digestion issues. Try to drink at least 64 ounces a day (and no, soda doesn’t count even though it’s made with water). You can try having an herbal tea or coffee in the morning as well since both have been proven to aid in digestion.

5. If all else fails you can try the herbal route. Try a little bit of frangula, Chinese rhubarb, or magnesium citrate. These should only be used short-term and if they do not help you may want to see a doctor as you could have a more serious issue.


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