One Simple Little Secret That Leads To More $ex


downloadBy: Krystle Crossman

Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? We hear the phrase all the time, but a new study shows that not only does it make the heart grow fonder, but it makes your desire grow as well. A recent survey that took place in the United Kingdom found that couples who spend at least one night a month apart from each other have s*x more than couples who are always together.

Blue Rainbow Aparthotels ran a survey of 2,000 couples and asked them how many nights they spend apart each month and how much they had s*x. The survey results showed that couples who spend one or two nights a month apart had s*x almost twice as much as the other couples. This definitely makes sense as when you are apart from your significant other, you begin to miss them which can make your reunion that much better.

When you begin a relationship everything is new, mysterious, and arousing. When you have been in a relationship for a while, the mystery is gone and nothing is new anymore so it only makes sense that when your partner is gone for a while things will spark back up again.

Space in a relationship every now and then is good for both partners as it gives you a breather and refreshes the relationship. It makes you stronger on an individual level because you are out doing things on your own. It is a trust-builder as well because your partner is off with other people for an extended amount of time.

Even if you don’t get away for business trips, you can still take a mini vacation by yourself. Go away for the weekend with a few girlfriends, or let him take a golf weekend. When you come back you will be refreshed and the spark will be back



  1. Shhh that’s a big lie my lady out of town every other weekend with grand babies and I any since Feb 14 th where you get that info from ?

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