$ex Toy Intervention: Why it May Be Time to Get Rid of Your Favorite Toy


By: Krystle Crossman

Women everywhere have their favorite bedroom toy. It becomes a constant companion to some, especially those who are single. Using it too much however can actually ruin your s*x life and make things miserable for your partner if you have one, so beware!

When you bust out that toy from your top drawer you know that you are going to have a good time. You know that within a few minutes you are going to have an [email protected] But how about when you hop into bed with your partner? Do you have that same experience? Of course not. You cannot expect that your partner will bring you to climax in just a few minutes like your bedroom buddy does. The problem is that when you use a v!brator too much it ruins you. It can ruin your frame of mind when it comes to s*x altogether. You may end up thinking that you just want your toy because nothing that your partner is doing is working.

Do you sneak off and get the job done yourself after your partner is finished? If you do you may need an intervention. It is time to put the v!brator away for a while. Put it out of sight and out of mind. Put it somewhere that you do not have easy access too. It is harder to overdo it when you can’t just reach over to the nightstand and grab it.

Eventually you will be able to get your anatomy used to the human touch again instead of the feel of rubber or plastic. Your partner will be happy too as they won’t feel like they are failing you. You can always let them join in when you are using your v!brator every now and then, but most of the time let them do the work.



  1. I never used those things, but I can understand why so many women do. Some men are only interested in pleasing themselves, so back up is required. If he isn’t going to take the time to learn and love you in the right way, then one must find alternatives. Single women who prefer using them are smarter than women who will just hop into bed with random men are smart, and should be praised. But to say that using them will “ruin” you is misleading and mean to say. I can understand too much of a good thing but “ruin”? Knock it off. If the man can handle his business, then there is NO reason why one needs to use it! And I would venture most women feel this way. And if they still use them- why I find it’s like adding chocolate syrup and whipped cream to the sundae!

    • I agree with you 100%. Most men tend to think of their own pleasure instead of making it good for their partners. Sex is a sharing activity.

  2. WHAT????Stop blamin men and keep your damn legs closed!You wake up with dildos in ya butt and go to sleep with them in ya butt,what the hell do you want us to do?!?We don’t have babies!?!A 21 year old vag is not like a 41 year old vag,get over it.our swipe stay the same size,can you say the same?!?I thought so.Grow up and stop makin excuses,own up to your responsibilities!

    • wow sungod… i’m an older that a 41yr old vag & my parts are still as good as new! you sound like a perv w/that o_O eewww! & i too, never mess w/toys.. the key here is never mess w/too many men either! ;-/ but what you said, is an insult to all women. young & older. for the young it is you’re just looking for the pus* y & to the older you’re saying basically the same thing.. that you’re an immature “nut” pun intended 🙂

  3. @ Diva I find your response kind of shallow. You stated that a man should learn what it takes to love and make a woman reach heaven is vague and unrealistic.

    If a woman just lays there and not say what she wants then it is her vault that she does not get pleased. Your response is typical of most women, thinking that a man is suppose to have some mystical powers to read your minds and act accordingly.

    And believe it or not men do care if they please their sexual partner. Maybe you should check the men you deal with. And just because a man has an organism during sex with a woman does not mean the sex was good.

    And lastly not all men are intimidated by sex toys. It just that some women can’t wait to degrade a man anytime they get the chance. I guess that makes them feel superior or something, who knows!!

  4. I don’t agree that it ruin sex with a partner. Communication is the key to getting what you want out of sex. I use toys cause I don’t trust people, everybody wanna be doin everybody & passing the koodies around. No one is concerned with safety anymore, IJS

  5. Silly people. Vibrators can be a wonderful thing. My mother gave me my first but vibe @ 12. She wanted me to get to know my body, to understand what I a healthy vagina looked like, to know what pleasure felt like,to love all of me. I will always love and appreciate her for that. Now I’m 46 years old. I love so many of the contractors I have had in my lifetime. I know the difference between human contact and machanical devices. They each serve a purpose. I have my daughter and my granddaughter one for the same purpose One was given to me.Really, no One should be intimidated.My husband has always appreciated that independent spirit that lives inside of me. I mean come on, it is not a replacement for anything or anyone. And for those who do not know the difference, don’t know themselves anyway.

    • You are right. I use my toy now and then and it is wonderful. It helps understand about your body and how it is in sexual situations. I don’t think it stopped anything when I found a partner of the heart. I’m much older and occasionally I will resort to my toy. I know what I want and I let my partner know how to please me.

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